Banjo-Kazooie: Banjo Land Walkthrough

Ken Lobb, Creative Director at Microsoft Games Studios gives a walkthrough of the nostalgia heavy, open-world level in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.

IGN says:

"Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts is a game that you'd do well to keep your eye on. The visual style is great and the possibilities in the gameplay seem almost unlimited. Rare is pushing the boundaries of what a platformer is and, in doing so, is bringing fresh ideas to a genre that has fallen out of favor with gamers. Even with all of the new ideas, it's clear that the team has ensured that it doesn't venture too far from the roots that have made the franchise a hit. The platforming, exploration and open game progression are all there; the game has just put the creativity in the hands of the player. And that's never a bad thing."

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Superfragilistic5071d ago (Edited 5071d ago )

As an old-school fan, I highly suspect this may be my favourite level! lol

Looks fantastic and I can't wait. Great to see Rare back in top form! :)

Superfragilistic5071d ago (Edited 5071d ago )

Rare are seriously one of a kind, what other developer makes jokes about a flop of a game they developed (Grabbed by the Ghoulies). That garbage bin full of ghoulies is all class. :)

sonanus5071d ago

I loved Kameo and think this will be far better. I'm also looking forward to Viva Pinata 2.

n00bzRtehgey5071d ago

kameo was amazing. no idea why some ppl hated it. i suspect they didn't actually play it.

Xi5071d ago

that looks sweet.

thanks for the vid super!

DreDawgg065071d ago

Looks good, Xbox definitively needs more platformers.

DreDawgg065071d ago

lol, After seeing the video it kinda seems like they took some good ideas from Little Planet which is great!

Superfragilistic5071d ago

To me both games look fantastic but I think it's more apparent than ever (thanks to those videos) that they are very different beasts. Rare has focused the player creation on gameplay mechanics to progress through a story as opposed to LBP's focusing the player creation on level design as standalone creations.

They both look fantastic, and as good as Mario Galaxy was, these two appear to push the genre in much more exciting, and very different, ways.

CaptainHowdy5071d ago

in visual art there's that little dangling string they have when u pick up objects....very similar. Anyhoo, this looks very promising

Superfragilistic5071d ago (Edited 5071d ago )

Yeah I have no idea what he's talking about... although the dangling string is a good observation. :)

In terms of art style though they're very different. LBP has a much softer palette with smoother geometry and arguably more realistic detailing, whereas Banjo is like a freaking rainbow with deliberately blocky, cartoon-like geometry that pays homage to the N64 roots.

They're both going to be fantastic, but I think people hear platformer and user generated content in both game's descriptions and assume they're the same thing... when on closer inspection they are very different indeed.

PwnShop5071d ago

In terms of visual style it looks similar to little big planet, but i don't think you can say that they copied LBP. There designs for this game could have originated before LBP was announced, anyhoo, it looks really really really good.

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PwnShop5071d ago

I'm anticipating that there are going to a ton of comments, saying either that it looks like crap, it looks boring, vehicle creation is retarded or that it copied LBP. As someone who will probably purchase or rent both of these, i personally believe that these are incomparable, as one focus's on vehicle creation and using your creation to overcome obstacles while the other focus's on level creation and using your array of platforming abilities and puzzle solving to overcome obstacles, either way i've got my flame suit on for a flame war.

Superfragilistic5071d ago

The games are exceptionally different and you're right about the possibilities of different development schedules.

Banjo 3 was officially announced as in development at X06 in September, 2006.

LBP was officially announced as in development at GDC07 in March, 2007.

Given both have been tightly under wraps, particularly Banjo until GDC08 this year, I find it highly unlikely there was any significant borrowing of ideas.

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