The Top 8 Games Based on Anime

IGN - Like all the cool special edition PS4s, Japan keeps the best anime video games for itself. Unless it’s from a super popular series like Dragon Ball Z or Naruto, then there’s sadly little chance of games based on anime making it to North America. If a game does receive an official translation, it’s usually several months to years after the initial Japanese release, such as with J-Stars Victory VS+.

Even so, a few gems have made it to North America over the years. Whether you're a huge anime fan or just a gamer looking for some stylish action, you can't go wrong with these 8 awesome anime adaptations.


15 Best Dragon Ball Games Ever Made

It's over 9000. Come read about the best Dragon Ball games of all time, spanning from the golden past to the thrilling present.

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ZeekQuattro280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

I've played dozens of Dragon Ball games over the years. For me my favorites are as follows but not in any particular order.
1. Super Gokuden 1 & 2
2. Hyper Dimension
3. Budokai 3
4. Budokai Tenkaichi 3
5. Legacy of Goku 1 & 2
6. Infinite Worlds
7. Raging Blast 2
8. Attack of the Saiyans
9. Fusions
10. Xenoverse 2
11. Supersonic Warriors 2

sadraiden279d ago

Hyper Dimension was so good, also loved the Super Botouden games.

ZeekQuattro279d ago

I forgot about those. Extreme Butoden was also good. It came with Super Butoden 2 now that I think about it. SB 2 was my favorite one as a kid as it featured Broly.

VersusDMC279d ago

No dbz fighterz? Outrageous not to have the best looking dbz game. Are you not into tag team 2d fighters?

senorfartcushion279d ago

1. Kakarot
2. Budokai 3
3. Budokai 2

I’ve played more but the others are forgetful for me

PunksOnN4G279d ago

I am playing Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans right now after seeing it on youtube . Its soooo GOOOD!!! Looks amazing on my 3ds.

VersusDMC279d ago

Budokai 3 and DBZ fighterz are my most memorable.

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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - The Series' Finest Game Adaptation

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex debuted on PSP back in 2005 - and it's about time it was revisited on modern hardware.

gamer7804703d ago

I’d love to see that, as long as they stay true to its roots

ApocalypseShadow703d ago

PSP version had more characters to the story and an anime feel as limited as it was for a portable. You could customize the controls but lack of seconds analog stick hurt it. And it was an easy game.

PS2 version was better. Third person where you get to see the anime characters, better controls as there was a camera stick, play as Batou with heavy weapons, stealth as the Major is known for. Cool music, great graphics for the time, hacking puzzles, multiplayer vs. It's not a hard game like what was said. And for those writers that ummm.. aren't good, there's an *EASY* difficulty. But you just needed to know your controls and your characters strengths.

Sorry. PS2 version is better in my opinion. Yes, it lacks Tachikoma gameplay. But everything else was better.

703d ago
isarai703d ago

Been playing through this on occasional sessions. Haven't beaten it yet but it is very fun, lots of interesting mechanics, especially how it stays true to the run & gun meunuevers of the series.


Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Modding is Beyond Wild

Not only does a Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 modding scene exist, but it's host to some kooky fusion abominations!

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CorndogBurglar1805d ago

Tenkaichi 2 and 3 are still by far the best fighting systems in a DBZ game.

zeal0us1804d ago

Thomas is going Turbo. He's in everything from Skyrim, RE and now this.