EA trying to win back our hearts?

EA's VP and chief visual officer Glenn Entis is ready to put the company's money where Montreal GM Alain Tascan's mouth was. Speaking with, Entis outlines a new direction in which EA execs will begin to trust the efforts of developers seeking to create original IPs. No doubt EA will continue to farm its established franchises, but Entis describes an "aggressive" strategy whereby the Maddens, FIFAs, Need for Speeds, etc., will play equals to new "creative risks."

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GioneBurnz4363d ago

...Need for speed is getting quite redundant. Looking forward to new things.

Eternal E 8084363d ago

the only way they will win back our hearts is to make there games worth $20 for all the a$$ rapeN they did to us gamers,thats how i feel about EA.

JasonXE4363d ago

the best football game still on the market nfl football 2k5 and will talk.