Ubisoft Trademarks Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed and Far Cry For Live Action Entertainment and More

Ever wondered what Just Dance would look like on the big glittery stage? Or maybe you played Watch Dogs and thought it'd be better served as an episodic television series. Then again, you may have thought that Far Cry 4 would make a decent film, in a B movie kinda way.

Well, we may see those dreams one day come to fruition as Ubisoft has spent the last few weeks filing multiple trademarks for their hottest franchises, though it's not the usual hum-drum filings that you'd expect.

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WizzroSupreme2418d ago

Watch Dogs deserves to be a game, not a movie or show. I'd totally go for Assassin's Creed being a live-action tv shown, maybe on AMC or something. Following an Assassin over the course of a season or two would be epic. Watch Dogs needs gameplay to drive him the action and the hacking only works if it's interactive - simply watching it onscreen isn't enough.

ThePresentIsAgift2418d ago

I'm worried, watchdogs I loved and am amped for a full fledged sequel, the others are just starting to mature in my opinion as worthwhile series. Please don't ruin them with ridiculous tie-ins.