The best video games of the year -- so far

E3, the video-game industry's big trade show, is next week, and you'll be hearing a lot about all the new software coming between now and Christmas. But there's a bit of a lull until Aug. 12, when Madden NFL 09 unofficially marks the beginning of the fall game season. July is a good time to catch up on some of the games you may have missed. Here are the best of the year so far.

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avacadosnorkel5198d ago

It should have been on the list

Breakfast5198d ago

Are you kidding me?

Wheres Halo 3?

Lelouch V Brit5198d ago

lol, Army of Two?, My Game of the year is Metal Gear 4, GTA IV or Super Smash Brawl.

aceitman5198d ago

read right he said this year so far january not oct or nov.

TruthbeTold5198d ago

Brawl not on the list = fail.

It may not be game of the year, but it is definitely up there.

kazuma5198d ago

what? army of two? LOL

how about replacing that lost odyssey with something else? like brawl?
i mean jesus mgs4/world ends with you/layton and gta4...lost odyssey isn't even on the same level.

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braydon6195198d ago

me personally i wouldn't put GTA IV on there.... it was a kool game for a few hours but after that it just wasn't that good. for me it got stale fast. But i totally agree with MGS4 .... played threw 3 times already and still loving it, not to mention MGO.

Kleptic5198d ago (Edited 5198d ago )

totally agree...GTAIV is the weakest GTA game since GTA 2 imo...the only real improvement is visuals (which are not that special relative to other games this generation)...and a decent background story of niko...

but same monotonous missions...same pointless cash system...somewhat tacked on multiplayer...and most importantly, LESS features than the PS2 GTA games (except for GTA III) for the single player games...some things are better...but overall, it just isn't as much fun for me...I finished the main story...and have no desire to go around looking for pigeons, going and hanging out with packie again, or looking for jumps that require an exotic car or bike to complete succesfully...

its boring for the most part...being done witha ANY gta game, and having no desire to ever get back into it, in a little over a month is something I did not expect to happen this generation...

MGS4 on the other game this generation...let alone this year...

TheColbertinator5198d ago

I know what you guys mean.GTA4 was a dissapointment but I thought that GTA3 was still more fun than GTA4.I even played liberty city stories to remind me what a real GTA game is.

Anyway Game of the Year has to go to MGS4.Or HAZE.Hahahaha Just messing.

Surfman5198d ago


Nothing more to say.

Lyan5198d ago

If your going to consider a game as great, or the best, then there should be accessibility to the game for all gamers, not just fans.

ngg123455198d ago

Less of a movie than mgs4? It is a jrpg, which is essentialy bare minimum gameplay, and tons of cutscenes.

Dark General5198d ago

I was wondering about that myself.

TheHater5198d ago

I have played and beating Lost Odyessey. And I must say, it isn't a very good game. Sure the gameplay was fun at times. But the leveling up system was retarded. After leveling up in an area, you stop gaining XP. which was lame as hell. The Story was boring until the end of the Third Disk. Eternal Sonata Should have been on that list instead of Lost Odyssey

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The story is too old to be commented.