God of War III - Pre-Development Interview

At the recent GameTrailers Playboy Mansion party, God of War creator, David Jaffe, spills the beans about God of War III.

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DJ4336d ago

And it actually looks like part 2 is going to be even better.

Apocalypse Shadow4336d ago

no not drunk.but humble in the fact that they are not top dogs and can make mistakes.the fact that he's still a gamer is cool.most designers don't play much and sometimes don't see what the other guy put in his game that would add to your game.or could be improved respect to devil may cry.i love devil,but i do think that the weapon changing should have been on the fly.not going to the hourglass sites.and the backtracking over the same areas needed to go.god of war gave you new areas that were cool to see like the statues,pandora's box.pretty much every area was fresh.i still like devil 1 more,but i give him and his team props.

now where is my rygar 3 from tecmo?not team ninja.there are developers there that can make great games from the company as good as itagaki's team.RYGAR 2 had fresh areas great orchestra music and great graphics.


testerg354336d ago (Edited 4336d ago )

Part 2 looks insane. Sony better hurry up and tell them to go ahead and start on part 3 for PS3, otherwise MS might sweep them from Sony.

kmis874334d ago

They're part of a first party development team, so MS can't really steal them, just like Sony can't steal Bungie from MS.


Now i am not sure if you guys heard him but there was a hint that maybe the next game og GOW which would be 3 might be on all platforms. He mention Wii and PlayStation 3. I cant wait for GOW 2 come next year.

andy capps4334d ago

God of War 1 and 2 are being made by Sony Santa Monica. Won't be released on any other system, no doubt about that. Sony owns all the rights to the franchise, so I'm sure the third will either be on PS2, PS3, or PS3/PS2.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4336d ago

DMC are my primary reasons for the playstation. Not a fan of Final Fantasy (Dont flame me its personal choice)

Jay da 2KBalla4336d ago

its coo. i hate final fantasy too.

shysun4336d ago

I use to hate it untill I bought FF12...It's my game of the year.:)

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