Uncharted 4 Dev: Game Quality "Really Close" to Film Right Now, Will Get Closer in a Few Years

Naughty Dog's Frank Tzeng talks about how games are getting closer to films in terms of quality, even suggesting that Nathan Drake's character model could be a digital-double in a real movie.

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DarkOcelet1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Ok, that got me even more hyped to see how the final build will look like and The Last Of Us 2. Minds will be blown.

I cant believe ND is working on even another unannounced AAA game. I want to see that too.

It makes me wonder how good God Of War IV will be.

morganfell1975d ago

When you click full size on that screen it is astounding.

Wizard_King1974d ago

What a load of crock. It looks noting like a CGI film at all. This fanboy hype train crap really needs some breaks.

A second point, if the UC4 is getting 30FPS at current settings if it gets any better looking the next game will be 15FPS. I mean really, I'm just waiting for the PS4 games better than ray traced movies stories.

morganfell1974d ago

No it doesn't look like CGI. You are correct. Thanks for making that point. CGI looks as the acronym describes it to be - computer generated.

Instead this is approaching absolute realism.

Though the rest of your post was so much jealousy driven caterwauling, you are exact on that CGI issue. Thanks.

360ICE1975d ago

ND is comprised of two studios. The people that made The Last of Us, and the people that made Uncharted. Really excited to see what the non-Uncharted team is working on.

Jak and Daxter, I hope (but doubt).

Tapani1975d ago

I thought the TLOU team is making U4 as they made U2 as well..?

So the other team is actually the one that made U1 and U3?

Correct me if I'm mistaken!

360ICE1975d ago


I tried to Google it, but didn't find anything. I thought the The Last of Us people made the Last of Us remaster, though?

Btw, I should correct myself. They're not two studios, but two teams. And the teams aren't completely independent either.

I don't think they had this structure at the time of U1. I got the sense that the first time they had a second team working on anything, it was The Last of Us. I could be wrong, though.

mkis0071975d ago

I believe they are all (both teams) working on U4 to get it done (Brand game). Small group is prototyping a new unannounced game.

TFJWM1974d ago

Umm no, Director Bruce Straley and creative director Neil Druckmann led The Last of Us, they took over the U4 when Amy Hennig left ND. They have 2 teams, having 2 teams in a studio does not make it 2 separate studios...

Supposedly they have most of the staff on U4 atm with a group working on an unannounced game(not TLoU2)

360ICE1974d ago

I added that, but yes, you're right.

jb2271974d ago

Druckman said it's more like a 1.5 team studio. The other project would be in early concept stages helmed by a smaller skeleton crew, once UC4 is finished the full team will pivot over to that title. So probably shouldn't expect rapid fire releases but they will definitely be on a solid release every 2-3 year schedule. This method is definitely working for them, can't wait to see what the next project is. I'm really hoping for that Savage Starlight sci-fi title to become a reality. Dead Space was one of my favorite franchises of last gen & I could only imagine what ND could do w/ a similar style. I'd imagine a lot of good space stuff, but true revolutionary worldbuilding upon visiting different planets. The sky's the limit (or not in this case) but I'd expect them to really create a crowning achievement in the slightly overcrowded sci-fi realm.

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Magicite1975d ago

Next step - realistic physics and realistic interaction with surrounding world.

mozzie1974d ago

hate to break it to you pal, but that's where the xbox one with cloud computing will take over. PS4 is made for good graphics but it's not next-gen per say. they still use the "old way of programming" with better hardware. let's wait and see.

guyman1974d ago


Thanks for the laugh.

ratchet4261974d ago

@Mozzie "hat's where the xbox one with cloud computing will take over."

No. It won't.

Ikki_Phoenix1975d ago

the unannounced AAA game names is " showtime "
at least thats what the rumors tells

DarkOcelet1975d ago

I believe thats a personal concept of one of the artists in ND but it looks great. I still hope it is that Sci fi game from The Last Of Us magazine, which i forgot the name to it.

MasterCornholio1974d ago


Savage Starlight?

Some people said it was teased in The Last of Us.

DarkOcelet1973d ago

Usually i would dislike a comment like that but that was really funny lol.

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slasaru011975d ago

Interesting, why there is no news : "devs says Uncharted will be in few years"?
This is what gaming media do with such phrases...

WizzroSupreme1975d ago

Naught Dog is an invaluable talent to this industry. It's a kid's dream to be able to play movies like I used to play games now.

Ol_G1974d ago

that was probably only your dream as a kid i wanted to play actual games

DarkOcelet1975d ago

You deserve an agree for that awesome avatar.

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