#IDARB Review: Chaos Order Review | Digital Chumps

A chaotic, social-driven eSports game, but BYOF (bring your own friends)

#IDARB made me feel old. The breakout ID @ Xbox title from developer Other Ocean Interactive is equal parts eSports, soccer and a little bit of Super Smash Bros. thrown in for good measure. Watch a match over on Twitch and you’ll see what I mean—there’s an incredible amount of things happening on-screen. But if you manage to keep an eye on your 16-bit player, you’ll find a game that’s easy to approach but surprisingly technical.

That assumes you can keep up with #IDARB’s pace. Each match seems to move faster than while the game allows for two teams of four players each, I found it nearly impossible to make any kind of coordinated plays with so much happening around me.

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