The Best Dishonored Cosplay - Brigmore Witch

"My real name is Christina, I’m currently living in Minsk, Belarus. Dishonored is one of my favorite games, I’m fascinated by its aesthetics and character design. These photos were taken near Minsk at Chapsky estate.

The Brigmore Witches are a coven located in the city of Dunwall (main city of the game), taking up residence in the abandoned Brigmore Manor. Witches are known as powerful black magic practitioners, they possess several supernatural abilities and are the main antagonists of Dishonored’s final DLC, The Brigmore Witches. When in combat, the witches resemble a hybrid plant-human, with green skin and plant adornments. While out of combat, they appear as normal humans with nature themed garments.

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Relientk772210d ago


got a lot of hope for Dishonored 2

getrektedmate2210d ago

Hope a sequel is revealed soon

WizzroSupreme2210d ago

Great cosplay indeed. My hat's off to these cosplayers.

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