PS4, Xbox One and PS3 install sizes revealed for Dragon Ball Xenoverse

The install sizes have been listed for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PlayStation 3 versions of Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

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ZeekQuattro1973d ago

I hope I didn't make an mistake preordering this game. Please don't be like that last stinker. I also hope the roster is big. It always bugged me that DBZ games were getting bigger in size yet somehow the roster seemingly got smaller with each new entry after BT 3.

OmegaShen1973d ago

If anything that can go wrong with this game, it be the AI and combat system. Those were the two biggest problems I seen testing it.

That and making your character look dumb to get better status.

1972d ago
ThanatosDMC1972d ago

If you played Battle of Z, it's like that game with faster energy regen but smaller maps and less destructible map.