10 developers due to reveal new projects

PS4 Attitude: "We all know that 2015 is going to be full to bursting with incredible games, but I thought it would be fun to discuss which games we might be playing on PlayStation 4 beyond that. Here are ten development studios who could potentially reveal upcoming games later this year."

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Hellsvacancy1982d ago

No Level 5?

Anyway I hope Valve are hard at work on Portal 3

Fallout 4? getting bored of hearing and talking about it, I just want it

TheRealTedCruz1982d ago

Can we please just get a Rogue Galaxy 2 . . .

maniacmayhem1981d ago

It's a crime that a sequel hasn't been made to that master piece of a game.

gijsbrecht1982d ago

I hope we get a trailer or even some gameplay for Horizon soon. If only to see if it looks and plays as amazing as its concept art suggests.

LightDiego1982d ago

True, can't wait for more details of Horizon.

Pintheshadows1982d ago

I hope it is. The concept art is pretty special. And it has been in the works for a bloody long time. Years now. I hope we see it at E3.

Majin-vegeta1982d ago

E3??Na son that's too far.Rather see it next week at NY PS event.

Pintheshadows1981d ago

I don't even know what that is. I am really drunk though. And there were drugs. I am sorry. I bow to you when it comes to games as I am out of the loop Just like playing Darkest Dungeon.

Anyway, if you see Predator run away. That is advice. It is pretty specific. Danny Glover. I think The Order will be good.

Revolt131982d ago

Black Tusk Studios - Gears of War 4

Raven7221981d ago

This is an article about PS4 from a website called PS4Attitude.

Pintheshadows1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Even so, that sounds pretty fun.

And I once saw a a possum beat The Undertaker.

Only one of those is true.

Anzil1982d ago

This is the only issue from devs........ 6 of these ten are working on PS4 exclusive games(all unrevealed). 343 is great and i'm sure black tusk is too but invest in your devs. 2015 is gonna be dry for microsoft and that makes me sad

WizzroSupreme1982d ago

The more IPs the better. Keep 'em coming.

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