PS4 Far Cry 4 Beats PS3 in Japan, Makes Top 40 on Xbox one,But Xbox One Drops Under 250 Weekly Sales

Media Create posted the full top 50 software chart for the week between January 26th and February 1st, and there’s a surprise: not only Far Cry 4 managed to do well in overall sales in a country that still has to learn to appreciate first person shooters, but it even managed to make the top 40 on Xbox One, which is, beyond any doubt, quite a feat.

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emilijo7771977d ago

i guess xbox one will never reach 1.6 million x360 sold in japan

Abriael1977d ago

You never know really. Sales are always a matter of marketing most of the times. Microsoft Japan obviously botched the marketing of the console. They might still find a way to sell better, even if I doubt it'll ever become a very successful product.

G20WLY1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

It's not looking too pretty for MS over there right now though. Maybe a few more Japanese-friendly games would help - hell, that would help in the West as well to some extent.

A PS4 game outselling the PS3 version is a pretty good milestone though. Given the PS3 install base compared to PS4, this could be a sign that the Japanese gamer is starting to embrace this generation. Here's hoping so!

Abriael1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

The problem is mostly that the Japanese are VERY sensitive to marketing, and Xbox's marketing in Japan kind of lacks an identity.

It's kind of hovering in the middle between a foreign element and a console that wants to be Japanese-friendly, and pings pongs between the two a lot.

IMHO, if they marketed it boldly as an american product, offering big american experiences, it would actually be more successful.

u got owned1977d ago

Xbov Obe 250 sales weekly. That is so sad.

vishmarx1977d ago

i dunno ,
ps4 sold close a million without 1 big japanese game.
its gonna sell like hotcakes now that its starting to get way more japanese games
it cant be just the marketing.

Dhampir1976d ago

It's a combination of national pride, loyalty, marketing, and the shift to mobile gaming. The lack or prestige also brings it down a bit.

Zeref1976d ago

I don't think MS even bothered with Advertising.

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Magicite1977d ago

lets make an optimistic estimate:
lets say x1 sells ~1k a week and 5k/month in average, making it 60k/year.
x360 lasted ~9 years in Japan, lets say x1 lasts 7 years - that would make it 7x60=420k.
with optimistic estimate (there might be some system sellers) - x1 might sell 500k (half a million or 1/3 of x360 LTD).
and now realistic estimates - x1 sold almost 1,5k units on Xmas week in Japan, while all other weeks were greatly below 1k and now its even tracking closer to 500 units a week. Basically such numbers indicate that console is about to be discontinued, because there can be no profit in selling so little.

If X1 can sell more than 300k units LTD, it will be a miracle.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1976d ago

But who are these 250 sad individuals?

d_g1977d ago

i think if microsoft make lost odyssey 2

that will Make Xbox one Sales better in Japan

Abriael1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

I'm not 100% sure about Scalebound. From what we've seen so far (which is little, so it's just a preliminary impression) it might do how many Platinum Games do, smash hit in the west, and largely ignored in Japan.

d_g1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

for sure scalebound will be good (Because Platinum Games)

but lost odyssey 2 is jrpg and scalebound about dragons and west games

japanese like the jrpg games

OC_MurphysLaw1977d ago

Japan seems like its dead to consoles period. PS4 is doing ok right now but nothing crazy, WiiU is looking ugly and xbox...well you know.

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Toiletsteak1977d ago

Hahaha xbox is doomed.... did i do it right?

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