God of War Collection Developer Working on "Immersive" Games for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Sanzaru Games, the team behind the God of War Collection for the PS Vita seem to be making the shift from handheld development to home console and PC games, more specifically, next-gen games.

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Assassingamer1361347d ago

Sanzuru games, aren't they responsible for making the newest sly cooper? I liked the game

Aloy-Boyfriend1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

Yes, and I loved Thieves in Time. it's the best Sly game so far. Since then, I've been thinking about Naughty Dog giving the Jak ip to them, so they can do justice to Jak as well. Thy are capabale devs.

bouzebbal1347d ago

Sanzaru have nothing to do with GOW. It's Sly HD Collection and Thieves in Time.
It's Bluepoint games who made the GOW HD remasters.

soniqstylz1347d ago


Sanzaru ported the GoW Collection over to the Vita.

BoNeSaW231347d ago

Yes they were, and it was Excellent! Very close to being the best Sly game IMO but that goes to Sly 2.

I was really hoping Sony would let them develop a new Jak and Daxter for PS3 after Sly 4 turned out so well. Too bad they didn't. Jak 4 probably will never happen.

ziggurcat1347d ago


yes, they did the last sly, as well as the HD collection of the original games. i think they did a really good job on all of them, so i'd be curious to see what they have in store for us.

ifistbrowni1347d ago

WTH, why not highlight Sanzuru games in the headline? Is the "God of War collection" suppose to mislead people into clicking?

Highlight Sanzuru in the article and then name the games they're responsible for in the article.

ifistbrowni1347d ago

late edit: Highlight Sanzuru in the title and then name the games they're responsible for in the article*

OB1Biker1347d ago

Because 'Sanzaru' didnt ring any bell to me and I guess many like me. I do have GoW collection on my Vita though

ifistbrowni1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

I guess that's confirmation. "God of War Collection" is in the headline to get the author hits.

The author could've put Sanzaru in the headline "Sanzaru, developer of God of War Collection.." or just put "Sanzaru woking on.." and in the article summary "Developer of God of War Collections and Sly collections.

Also, Sanzaru only ported the PS3 God of War collection to the Vita. Bluepoint games ported God of War collection to ps3 and Ready at Dawn was responsible for the God of War Origins collection.

I fail to comprehend why the author used God of War as a headline when this developer would be better known for Sly. Oh wait, we already established that he's going for clicks.

SteamPowered1347d ago

Damn title had me believing GoW was headed to next gen and PC.

spacedelete1347d ago

its really strange how Sony canned the Jak and Daxter franchise. i'm sure all of them sold well unless i'm wrong ?

Aceman181347d ago

they didnt can it, ND just chose not to do a new one at the present time.

jb2271347d ago

They even started production on a Jak sequel that got scrapped in favor of TLOU so I'm sure the franchise would be welcomed by Sony if ND wanted to hand it over to another dev. Gotta say scrapping a Jak sequel in favor of TLOU was definitely a smart move, and I personally would rather see Naughty Dog push forward w/ the directions they are currently taking, let someone like Sumo or Media Molecule or Sanzaru take over the Jak franchise.

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