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Sony Selling SOE is Awesome news for PS4 Owners

PS4Home: "If the sale of SOE results in The Getaway 3, The Last of Us 2 and more PS4 exclusives, that’s when we’ll realise the sale of SOE was actually a brilliant decision by Sony"

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Community2010d ago
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getrektedmate2010d ago

Everyone benefits over this. Even Xbox gamers.

DarkOcelet2010d ago

Yeah, more games for everyone so its awesome.

subtenko2010d ago

This didnt really do much except open up the already multiplatform titles to Xbox owners potentially. The games were on PC (Same reason why many dont get an Xbox One because their 'exclusives' are on PC. I said potentially because of certain IP ownership stuff.

As far as Sonys Playstation, it gave them some money in the gaming department. Has nothing do do with their other departments though.

Larry L2010d ago

This is great for many more reasons than that, sub. As a PS only fan for the most part I'll start with the obvious of why it's great for Xbox gamers first, then all gamers, then I'll talk Sony benefits. Xbox gamers are getting amazing games, period. The devs formerly known as SOE (I forgot their new name, sorry), make some great gaming experiences. They aren't breaking any graphical barriers, but considering the scope of their games, their visuals are still above most competetors. And gameplay experience and quality is trumps with these guys. Their games don't tend to launch broken, which is more you can say for most devs lately.

When it comes to ALL gamers, Xbox fans included, I would bet the farm that these devs are going to end up making the first (well I guess FF11 was the first, but in any recent times) Xbox/PlayStation/PC cross-platform play game. It's probably going to end up being PS2, right? They aren't going to compromise and make a private Xbox only version, and right now I don't think Xbox is in a position to disallow the former SOE studio games. Besides, SOE is probabl THE dev with the most experience making cross-platform games and doing them well, all features working flawlessly. They will have a strong argument in that Xbox big-wig office, that they should be given the freedom to make a PS/XB/PC cross-play game.

I hope for all us gamers that MicroSoft bends on this. If they can get PS2 cross-play........we're talking the greatest gaming experience ever. Everyone would be into this game, even non-FPS fans because of the cross-play alone. You thought the PS2 online battles were incredible before?! The wars would be AMAZING, and as a bonus would probably change the landscape of the gaming community in a hugely positive way. It's like the Berlin Wall coming down.

From the Sony perspective, pluses include no longer having to fund these HUGE games and servers. Speaking of servers, you can bet that Sony themselves actually owned at least some percentage of SOE's servers, which if that's the case, you can also bet those servers will be used to bolster PSN (in fact, perhaps this was part of the decision the sell SOE with all these server attacks going on). Also, with the money saved, the budgets for the "next" round of 1st party PS4 games (meaning like 2016 games), will be that much bigger, or at least the devs will likely have a bit more freedom with their budgets.

Really, this is just a positive thing for everyone in the gaming community, and may even have positive effects on the industry as a whole. It's really all down to MS though. Are they willing to bend their corporate BS to give their gamers what (at least hat *I* think) they want. They have to sign off on cross-play.

Though I am kind of ASSuming here. I mean......cross-play IS something Xbox gamers would want, right? If so I think you Xbox gamers need to start getting very vocal about cross-platform play on these "SOE" games. We all know the dev can do it, and we know Sony is open to it.......c'mon MS......make it so. I know damn-well that you Xbox fans can be very vocal getting your point accross in online forums and communities. You guys need to start putting pressure *ON* MS for once.

BattleAxe2010d ago

These articles are getting ridiculous. It seems that people will spin anything to try to justify their PS4 purchase....

- Sony selling a studio is great for PS4 owners!
- Sony buying a studio is great for PS4 owners!
- Sony supporting PS3 is bad for PS4 owners!
- Sony supporting the struggling PS Vita is great for PS4 owners!
- Sony securing Street Fighter 5 exclusively is great for gaming!
- Microsoft securing the new Tomb Raider game is bad for gaming!

Some of the people, on this site in particular, should get together and go build a church, but instead of a cross at the top, you can put the Playstation logo. And I love how some commenters on N4G and authors of articles seem to think they know where Sony is going to spend more money, now that they've sold a studio.

The guy who wrote the article is no more 'in the know' than some bum on the street with a bottle of whiskey in his hand. It's the blind leading the blind.

DragonKnight2010d ago

@BattleAxe: It can be built next door to your Church of Microsoft.

rainslacker2009d ago


"Sony selling a studio is great for PS4 owners!"

When has Sony ever sold a Studio? They usually close them down, and they get a lot of grief over it. Lots of PS4 owners are upset when this happens. More often than not though, the games those studios made can still live on with other studios, for better or worse.

SOE was a publishing branch within Sony that had some of it's own studios...more like teams actually...kinda like SCEJ....but overall I haven't seen a lot of people saying it's great for PS4 owners, but great for Xbox owners. In this case, PS and PC owners haven't really lost anything outside of exclusivity, but SOE games were never major console war talking points.

"Sony buying a studio is great for PS4 owners!"

That's not spin...that's actually great for PS4 owners. PS owners in general actually, since I'm not aware of any studio's they've brought since the PS4's release. Not really great for other console owners who like those studio's games though.

"Sony supporting PS3 is bad for PS4 owners!"

LOL, what? Sony is more often than not praised for it's long term support of their consoles. Vita is their first console where they have been criticized over lack of support, and even that criticism is somewhat subjective.

"- Sony supporting the struggling PS Vita is great for PS4 owners!"

How is that spin to justify their PS4 purchase? That's actually a reasonable argument since the Vita is a great supplemental device for the PS4. It may end up being redundant in the future.

So which is it? Should Sony support or not support it's consoles? Seems they can't win either way, so I'd say err on the side of the customer and support the people who support you for as long as possible. Better than forcing the transition.

"- Sony securing Street Fighter 5 exclusively is great for gaming!"

Same thing was said about TR and TF with MS. great for gaming? how is that related to PS4? It is good for PS4 owners, but like with studios being brought, not great for owners of other consoles.

"- Microsoft securing the new Tomb Raider game is bad for gaming!"

Same thing was said about SF and many other secured exclusives. For the rest, refer to the above comment.

See...Sony isn't the only one that gets these kinds of articles, it's just fan boy's in general who write this kind of stuff. That's what dragonknight was inferring, but of course, some people only see fan boys on the other console, but not on their own.

I do agree with your last comment least in it's intent.

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Gazondaily2010d ago

How do PS4 fans in particular benefit from this?

UKmilitia2010d ago

clear debts and afford to spend more money on games?

im sure SOE wasnt really making them a living so it makes sense to get rid and then u have no running costs but you still get the games made for your system.

2010d ago
NuggetsOfGod2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Becuz sony gets money I guess lol

Lets assume sony will spend it on games... or movies...

If the devs use dx12 the benefits will be more for pc/xbox.

Mostly because of using the same api for 2 platforms with the same Os.

This could make cross play a no brainer.

Ps4 would be the third wheel in development.

Potentially I see more benefit to xbox. I think u see my point.

MysticStrummer2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

@Nuggets - PS4 has at least one cross play game with PC (War Thunder). Both consoles are closed systems that have longer patch approval processes than PC, which is why the PS4 version doesn't have cross play and neither will XB1. The PS2 devs have said they don't want the PC players to wait on the console patch being approved.

ABizzel12010d ago

I don't think it benefits PS4 fans, but I don't think it's a loss either.

Their exclusives were never really exclusives, and they're not really system sellers either. Most of the games they make range from mediocre -> average -> good, and this was simply trimming the fat.

They no longer have to fund these projects, when they can simply pay a smaller developer to make F2P games for them or have other small studios make them for less, as they've shown with the rush of games at the PSEvent.

They're making money off the sell of the studio, and saving money by using 2nd parties instead of paying salaries for hundreds of employees.

I'm a fan of always having more games, but I'd take quality games of more mediocre any day. As far as upcoming releases go Planetside 2 seemed like the only good thing coming from them to PS4 soon. H1Z1 was looking like a problem, and Everquest Next while looking good didn't even make a splash on PS3 when the last game came to it.

This sell helps Sony out as a whole, and will trickle down to other studios, and hopefully means the purchase of other "quality" studios.

A good group of "quality" >>>>>>>&g t; massive "quantity" of mediocre IMO.

rainslacker2009d ago

I don't think it directly benefits PS4 fans, or PS fans in general.

I often found SOE's place in Sony rather redundant since they have SCE, so I can see them just picking up SOE's responsibilities in SCE now. That could be good for PS fans, because it means that SOE games are more likely to come to the PS platform.

Other than that, I'd have to say PS fans haven't really lost anything, or at least not much. SOE was never a major player in the PS lineup, although that was kind of changing this gen. PS4 will still get SOE games. I find the bigger winners in least from a consumer Xbox fans, who are potentially going to get some good games to play on their system in the future.

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darx2010d ago

I am willing to bet it's to payoff their debt.

XanderZane2010d ago

Most likely. Same reason why they closed those 14 Sony Stores in Canada. They obviously still need the extra money. Selling SOE gives them a large chunk of funds to pay off debt and continue their business the way they want. No one knows if any of these funds will go into making PS4 games or not. They did get a profit of over $250+ million in their 3rd quarter, so they might use some of that money.

showtimefolks2009d ago

no doubt and this way Sony can focus on stuff that has more possibility of making profits moving forward

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Eonjay2010d ago

PS4 gamers didn't lose anything. After all, SOE was already multiplatform.

Snookies122010d ago

Yeah, they were pretty much always PC developers. This just opens things up a bit more for more people to enjoy their games. Which I'm totally cool with. :]

ENSABAHNUR2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Agreed and when people look at the bigger picture, Sony will have MORE money that can be spent on things such as new IPs, better network, etc. Obviously I nor can anyone else can truly say what the money will be put towards BUT... All in all cutting off excess that you don't really need is always a good thing... Hopefully now X1 and PS4 might be able to cross play some cool games, at the very least X1 owners get some new games and PS4 and PC can cross play... This gen (game wise) is gonna be amazing mark my words.... AMAZING!!!!!

OB1Biker2010d ago

Sony just focusing on console gaming is a good thing IMO since I have no interest in PC games. Sounds like the opposite of what Microsoft is doing

MrSec842010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Sony has more areas than just console gaming.
Playstation is just one of the most obvious and well known areas they focus on.

People often don't realize they are huge in Insurance, Image Sensors, Semi-Conductors, mobiles while negative on paper recently, were more likely a cash positive, they were just over valued in the past, so that had to be balanced.
They also do well in movies and publishing music.

No doubt Playstation as a whole business will become much bigger in the future, with all of the streaming functionality Sony are building into their business, but really consoles isn't where the money is, it's in the software and Sony knows that, so they have to focus on what makes Playstation unique within the market.

SOE doesn't really help with that, they were never rated highly on the level of a Naughty Dog, or some other top tier studio within Playstation. In fact I think they were classed as external from Playstation, but under the Sony umbrella until recently.

Ausbo2010d ago

Yeah it is. However, Microsoft should also focus on PC. After all they make windows.

ABizzel12010d ago


Do you only play exclusives, because if not that comment is beyond ignorant. A PC is just as much a console, just one that's completely free and open to do whatever you please.

OB1Biker2010d ago

I dont know if my comment is 'beyond ignorant' but I never pretend to know more than I do like a few guys in the usual comments.

Your comment does sound a bit intolerant though as I did say IMO and I have no interest in PC games for reasons you obviously have no knowledge of whatsoever.

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freshslicepizza2010d ago

this isn't entirely true. after all games like no mans land are being treated as console exclusive for a timed period. people on the forums also took notice when games like ryse and dead rising 3 went to the pc. so yes, ps4 owners are also losing console exclusivity because of this. some people don't play games on the pc so if these games go to the xbox one (which all indications are they will) then it will mean less leverage to get people to buy one particular console to play those games on.

ps4 owners are not going to benefit from this deal, it just opens it up now to more potential customers which is a good thing.

mhunterjr2010d ago

I guess the better alternative for PS4 owners would have been for Sony to force SOE to make PS4 games only, further bolstering their exclusive line up,..

BUT that probably would have been harmful to the developer, and PS4 wouldn't actually GAIN anything, they'd just be taking things away from PC.

Sony's move was a best case scenario for EVERYONE... But I still find it pretty astonishing

Yetter2009d ago

How does exclusive games help PS4 owners? You still get to play regardless of the other platform its available for

Benjaminkno2009d ago

I really think that this means that there's less money for Sony to put into these franchises, so they sold it to somebody who could.

Yes, it's good for everyone. But I still think it's indicative of Sony's overall health, which isn't good.

This would only be bad for Ps4 exclusivity, which is something the Ps4 doesn't really need because they're still selling like crazy.

It's good for Ps4 owners because these games will be developed more quickly.

Now the quality of these future installments still remains to be seen. Which Im taking very seriously.

rainslacker2009d ago

I doubt they would have done that. SOE and SCE are completely different divisions within Sony, and while I'm sure Sony corporate can influence decisions, forcing them is a bit extreme. They both exist with their own mandates, and their own reasons for existence.

Sony would have no reason to force SOE to make only PS4 games, because they can just get their studios in SCE to do so, and sell off SOE for a nice pay day. I have a feeling that was what is happening here, and it's likely that SCE will end up making some computer games like SOE did.

mhunterjr2009d ago


Because when a game is exclusive to one console developers get to maximize the hardwares potential. When they make a game multi platform, they have to split their attention across several pieces of hardware.

Sure PS4 owners will still get to play these games. But surely the PS4 versions won't reach 100% of there potential on that platform.

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Hold_It2010d ago

I agreed with most of the article until it said becoming the Apple of Video games. That's not a proud achievement, that's more of an insult. Apple doesn't provide the best hardware on a technical level, as a matter of fact their hardware in their phone and macbooks are years behind the competition.

hiredhelp2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Wait a minute lol umm there selling off parts there company and brands which is cool but to instantly think great now we could get the get getaway 3 which i be buying day 1 and the last of us 2 is silly.
They gonna use the money yes into the video game industry for sure but how do you not know sony will be using the money to help focus on another PS4 design or another studio or other fresh new IPs we know nothing about.
Selling thoes kinda assetts will cover more than the games listed im sure this is for future investments and yeh if we see any of them games come fantastic but tryst me the money will be well spent but not just gaming but gaming related.

Death2010d ago

It's going to go to the same place the money being paid for PS+ is going, to help the companies bottom line. Until Sony stabilizes and they become profitable, the selling of assets is being done to stop the losses.

Having SOE's exclusive IP's means the only place to play these games is on PS4 or in some cases PC. Now that SOE is independent, the games that were once console exclusive to the Playstation will be available on other platforms. How exactly does having DCUO on the Xbox One translate into a win for Sony? The only loser in this deal is Sony for not only losing another asset to help stop the bleeding of money, but they also lost out on another reason to buy a Playstation. The only thing astonishing here is how fans are spinning this loss into a positive.

thanhgee2010d ago

Didn't they post a profit for 2014 FY though? It seemed all divisions posted a profit including mobile and their TV for the last few quarters, and their TVs haven't seen profit in over a decade.

2014 FY reports doesn't mean that its smooth sailing from then on but it shows that they might be able to turn it around in the future. Isn't this what years of restructuring does? Sony is holding every division accountable for their losses. PC? Gone. TV? Spun off into a separate company. Mobile? Downsized. Obviously there will be some causalities but this what they need to do in order to stay alive. Who even knows what happened with SOE it is just some speculation from people who know nothing, it could of been they needed money or it could have been that they were worthless in the eyes of Sony because they prioritised PCs over the PS4.