Game Informer: Our Hands-On Impressions Of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


The third installment of The Witcher series is almost here, bringing a much-awaited conclusion to Geralt of Rivia's journey. Its developer, CD Projekt Red, promises to deliver a massive open world with countless choices to give the player an intimate connection with the story of Geralt. The team claims the world is thirty times larger than previous Witcher games, includes a new crossbow weapon to brandish at a host of flying enemies, and a second playable character.

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ArchangelMike1976d ago

Most anticipated game on 2015!

joab7771976d ago

Has been for me for awhile. Bloodborne and Persona 5 are right there, but I love CDPR and this game looks almost too good to be true...seriously.

I just hope it gets the love and support it deserves. Finally, we may get an open world better than Bethesda with storytelling better than 1 game. The only drawback is the single character that you play (I know there's a 2nd but I mean you don't create him)

That said, having a deep defined protagonist might just be what makes an open world rpg really work.

wsoutlaw871976d ago

I think having a single character is the best way to make a game with a great story. You still get to make choices frequently too.

HaveAsandwich1976d ago

ONLY game in the foreseeable future that I will be pre ordering.

joab7771976d ago

As I said, yeah, this, Bloodborne and Persona 5. Did you see the vid for those 2 games this week? Wtf

mogwaii1976d ago

That girl has a bad case of vocal fry, lol, looking forward if this lives up to the hype.