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About a year and a half ago AMD kicked off the public half of a race to improve the state of graphics APIs. Dubbed "Mantle", AMD’s in-house API for their Radeon cards stripped away the abstraction and inefficiencies of traditional high-level APIs like DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4, and instead gave developers a means to access the GPU in a low-level, game console-like manner. The impetus: with a low-level API, engine developers could achieve better performance than with a high-level API, sometimes vastly exceeding what DirectX and OpenGL could offer.

While AMD was the first such company to publicly announce their low-level API, they were not the last. 2014 saw the announcement of APIs such as DirectX 12, OpenGL Next, and Apple’s Metal, all of which would implement similar ideas for similar performance reasons. It was a renaissance in the graphics API space after many years of slow progress, and one desperately needed to keep pace with the progress of both GPUs and CPUs.

In the PC gr...

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lifeisgamesok1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

There should be some new and exciting experiences coming our way when games are developed on DirectX12 from the start

Xbox One hasn't even been using the API that it was supposed to use until May 2014 so we should definitely see improvements

RjK311jR1974d ago

This is a great read... and HUGE! I think there are many stories in this for those of you looking for things to contribute... Maybe something I may have missed... Thanks!

Bigpappy1974d ago

May be some here will read the article and stop saying that DX12 is just Low level API that consoles already have. Or may be wait for GDC, as you obviously hate to read.

Then again... never mind, I am sure those who keep saying this actually know better.

mixelon1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Yup. Read the article, doesn't even mention the XBox.

It was microsoft who said it wouldn't make a big difference to the X1 - if they seriously hadn't come up with a solution for better threading than stock DirectX 10 for the X1 that's pretty inept of them.

It's just a low level API which consoles already have.

This is all about PC gaming, stop trying to shoehorn in X11 relevance without any evidence. The proof is in the pudding, which currently doesn't exist.

KiwiViper851974d ago

Dx12 makes development faster and easier. If you think that wont translate to bigger, more feature packed, and generally much more polished games then your only kidding yourself.

mixelon1974d ago

Kiwiviper - where are these games going to come from? :D the majority of games are still third party, how is a minor performance bump on one platform going to change how people approach game design? Even with a massive performance bump they're still trailing behind the PC.. How has that effected games design?

If you think a little Api optimisation is going to make a huge difference to anything on X1 you're only kidding yourself. The X1 isn't PS3 levels of "hard" development. Devs don't need it to be easier, they need it to perform better.

.. My phone keeps making X1 into X11. :(

KiwiViper851974d ago

Im talking development time being faster as tools are easier to work with, meaning devs have more time to optimise their games, for all platforms.

Foehammer1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Hmmmm, do I believe you or the Founder, President and CEO of Stardock, who's working on games for next gen consoles?

Let me think.

Times up, you lose

mixelon1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Or, you know. Microsoft's repeated attempts to keep your expectations in check. Talk about selective reading. ALL console generations get better optimized games over time.

I don't like to mention the kool aid, but..

And anyway - people need to stop getting caught up on this - neither console is super powerful, and no amount of api updates is going to change that. XD

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joeorc1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )


"Mantle offers an interesting point of contrast being that it has been in beta longer than DirectX 12, but also due to the fact that it’s an even lower level API than DirectX 12. Since Mantle only needs to work on AMD’s GPUs and can be tweaked for AMD’s architectures, it offers AMD the chance to exploit their GPUs in a few additional ways that a common, cross-vendor API like DirectX 12 cannot."

yeah, what GPU again does the xbox one hold?
would you and other's just stop trying to imply DirectX is the gods gift to Api's and that other Companies Api's just do not hold a candle to it.

You and other's slam playstation gamers for acting and implying that playstation is gods gift to gamer's. Well I am seeing both side's act like that and its no one side more than the other as some try to imply.

Its both about even for acting that way.

Razuel1974d ago

Wow, that 750ti is climbing up to the R9285. Only 4 frames off.

AutoCad1974d ago

I have N i5 4460 CPu and evga 750 ti ,can't wait to see how this gonna improve the performance on it since I can run mostly every game on high settings

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