Battlefield Hardline Open Beta Impressions | Shacknews

Hands-on impressions of Battlefield Hardline's open beta, analyzing its new modes and gameplay.

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DDDGirlGamer851977d ago

Battle Hardline! NOW WITH NEW HAT!!!

venom061977d ago

Great positive article!! Definitely can't wait for the full release in March..

gamerlive1977d ago

If you can't compete with Call of Duty, change the name.

awkwardhamster1977d ago

like the interview at the bottom of the article

Grave1977d ago

Thank God for the beta. Passing on this one.

Eidolon1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Passing on it, but I knew this since the first beta. Didn't see much that improved from the last one, found some pretty funny glitches, and lag.. the usual for a beta, but it was fun... it's pretty much BF4.

Palitera1977d ago

BF4 engine, no doubt, but much faster.
Actually, too fast for a "BF" game.

I played only three games and won't say I'll pass already, but I don't think my memories from BF4 should be buried by this travesty.

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