Sony: The Order: 1886 to Have Some “Nice Surprises,” No Demo Planned

PSLS writes: During a media preview event for The Order: 1886 and Bloodborne where PlayStation LifeStyle was invited, we got the chance to chat with Arata Naito, Marketing Manager, Asia Strategy Department of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia.

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DarkOcelet1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

"We haven’t revealed much about the game, but when the game comes out on Feb 20, I think there will be nice surprises we can look forward to."

Which is why i am very interested in this game. The mystery is just amazing, the settings is dark and gritty and begs to be explored. I really think the game will be great.

Abash1985d ago

Ready at Dawn has my full support, I want to see them take off as a big time console developer

360ICE1985d ago

Only thing that annoys me a bit about them is that they started out as lot of Naughty Dog veterans who jumped ship when ND entered the Uncharted era.

And they're making Uncharted: 1886 (and I mean nothing bad about that).

Great developers, though.


Dhampir1985d ago

More like Gears of Rain: 1886...Heavy War: 1886... hmmm

1985d ago
inveni01984d ago

Demos aren't very common anymore. Even Driveclub still lacks one.

G20WLY1984d ago

^@Chessx, demos became out dated with the introduction of Share Play.

You can try ANY & EVERY game before you buy. You can even watch games before you try them via PlayStation Live streaming, if you like.

Happy to help! :)

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bleedsoe9mm1985d ago

has anyone seen any mention of embargo dates ?

GribbleGrunger1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Anyone seen this yet?

Oh, dear GOD.

If anyone is worried about spoilers, this clip is in Italian and only shows a character trying out two gadgets. It really doesn't spoil much at all.

Here's a gif:

DarkOcelet1985d ago

NOP!! I refuse to watch.

reko1985d ago

damn that looks good!!

GribbleGrunger1985d ago

What if the game isn't just set in 1886? What if we begin in the 21st century and then the story is told in flashbacks. We then return to 21st century London towards the end. Perhaps the last shot will be of a vampire. To be continued ...

dRanzer1985d ago

what the hell? looks so smooth,like CGI

Forn1985d ago


bloop1985d ago

Mother of God, the gfx are just absolutely insane.

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SIX1985d ago

It's all a sham. What We've seen is the first half hour of the game. The rest of the game is set in modern times. (Not serious, but would be all sorts of WTF!)

DarkOcelet1985d ago

I think the plot will go crazy with this one. I mean we have Nikola/Edison War of the currents. We have Halfbreeds. We have Charles Darwin. Its going to be sick. And we cant forget the cool looking Beards and Mustaches.

1985d ago
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mezati991985d ago

This is going to be Sony's next big franchise. i can feel it in my bones

Genuine-User1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

The new footage is mesmerizing.

Thatguy-3101985d ago

If done right this will easily become the "Uncharted" this generation for Sony. What I mean by that is that it will become the next big franchise that'll be under Sony's belt. Let's see how the future installments play out. The game is set up to have sequels so my support is for the long run. Psyched to see how the story plays out! A few more weeks and the wait will be finally over.

crazychris41241985d ago

Wish we could get a demo so we can try it out. Im sure stores in my area like Best Buy, Gamestop or Play n Trade will have the game set up in the PS4 section.

Aloy-Boyfriend1985d ago

I'm telling you this game will surprise many people. Here's hoping it becomes PlayStation's big franchise. There's so much potential here. Believe it!

Kribwalker1985d ago

I didn't expect to see a demo. It's tough to make a demo of a 6-8hr long single player only game, unless you make it like 15mins long. On the other hand, I'm interested in these surprises they are teasing, as when I am ready to get my PS4 (around the time UC4 comes out) the order should be fairly cheap so it will be worth a pickup then

crazychris41241985d ago

They make demos for gaming conventions all of the time. All they have to do is put it up on the PSN store. Companies just dont put up demos anymore which is ridiculous. Ive bought so many games that I wouldnt normally play because the demo convinced me it was a great game. Red Faction Guerrilla, Split/Second and Left 4 Dead were all games that I bought after playing the demo. Now the opposite has happened too where Im interested in a game but the demo sucked so I never bought it like Resident Evil 6 and Medal of Honor Airborne.

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