Ominous Beauty – Exclusive Rise Of The Tomb Raider Concept Art Gallery

Kyle Hilliard writes: "Concept art is an unsung hero in the game development process. It's often the first thing created for a video game and serves to direct the tone and style of the entire project. Before pressing the A button ever makes a character jump, or pushing the control stick makes a character move, concept art is in place pointing a game in the direction it is meant to go."

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DarkOcelet1983d ago

It looks great. I cant wait to see the gameplay. I really hope there is a damn Dinasour in the game though.

DarkOcelet1982d ago

Yeah :D Tomb Raider isnt a stranger to that creepy elements .

Actually most TR games had Dinasours.

Imagine fighting that beast with today's gameplay and graphics. It would look sick.

Number-Nine1982d ago

wish i had talent to do this stuff

WizzroSupreme1982d ago

My heart's set on Uncharted, but Tomb Raider just upped its game. Those bears are gonna be wicked cool to kill.