Bloodborne Has Shields, Sony's Japan Studio Has Confirmed

"Sony's Japan Studio has confirmed to IGN that Bloodborne will, in fact, have shields. This comes after months of speculation from diehard fans of the series who've noticed that none of the gameplay shown so far has included that specific type of a defense mechanism."

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JMaine5183456d ago

My hype level for this game is over 9000! I've watched over 2 hours of alpha gameplay. Looks so good!

Magicite3456d ago

its like next-gen souls game.

Aloy-Boyfriend3456d ago

Shields? You mean my another fist?

darren_poolies3456d ago

Actually a bit disappointed by this news.

OmegaShen3456d ago

How so? They have said the block and attack idea won't work. They even added by doing that you will easily get over run.

darren_poolies3456d ago

I don't know, I liked the idea of no shields and using guns as a way to parry. Hopefully block and attack won't work like they said but I guess we'll have to wait and see. Still never been more hyped about a game, this news just disappointed me a tad.

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Report: Bloodborne PS5 Version Listed in PlayStation Stars

PlayStation Stars has a Bloodborne PS5 version listed! Does this mean we're finally getting a Bloodborne remaster?

LG_Fox_Brazil14d ago


SimpleSlave14d ago

Not just for you. It WAS the game of that Generation and one of the greatest game ever made.

fr0sty14d ago

I tried so hard to get into it... just not my cup of tea. Maybe I'll try again if they drop a remaster.

Juiceup14d ago

Agreed. Easily one of my favorite games of all time.

jznrpg14d ago

It’s one of the best games all time for sure