Mortal Kombat X is the Destiny of fighting games, and that's very smart

GamesRadar:"‘Long-term significance’. That’s the phrase that came up again and again during our only occasionally furious Game of the Year discussions toward the end of 2014. It wasn’t enough for a game to just be good. In order to be in with a shot at the big title, candidates had to exhibit some kind of vital relevance; they had to sum up where the cutting edge of games is right now, and present the kind of design we knew we’d see cloned a whole bunch of times over the following 18 months."

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C-H-E-F1979d ago

So now Destiny is what we equate to "long term significance". 1 don't ever compare two games of two totally different genres. 2. i'm sure WOW, Socom etc. are great examples as well since you want to jump the genre fence. Destiny was a dull experience, so that's a real piss poor example. Destiny is an example of how to sell consumers a beta game at full price the charge 1/2 the price of the retail version for installments of elements that should've been in the game from the beginning. I didn't click on your article because it's purely clickbate you don't deserve a bump in clicks. smh

XisThatKid1978d ago

Like Septic Below says if you didn't read this your argument is pretty much moot.
And honestly you can compare inter-genre as it be situational. I can compare what ever I want. If I like Gran Turismo over Resident evil although I play both why can't I say I like one more than the other?
Now In the case that MKX is going to have daily and weekly iterations and challenges like Destiny so factually they will be similar in scheme regardless of genre.

Gazondaily1979d ago

"I didn't click on your article because it's purely clickbate you don't deserve a bump in clicks. smh"

Well if you didn't click the article then you didn't read it's contents. So your input is pretty much useless as the chap drew comparisons not with the factors that annoy you but about specific online features.

So really,your comment was a waste of time reading as opposed to the article itself.

pompombrum1979d ago

Mortal Kombat looks to once again set a new level for content delivered in a fighting game and also has a well crafted and better told story.. it's about as far from Destiny as you can get.

theshredded1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Destiny was overhyped trash so Mortal Kombat X might suffer.tbh I find mk games nowadays to be really dull,they don't feel fresh and exciting as they were in the ps2 era.just about any famed fighter other than mk was better imo last gen

mhunterjr1979d ago

Destiny certainly isn't the first game to encourage a long term investment into a title. It's just the latest in an ongoing trend of incorporating a progression system into console games as a means to keep the gamers attention for longer.

Mortal Kombat, like Destiny and many other games before it, most notably COD:MW1 are using a persistent system as a way to thwart the reselling of game. Many gamers trade a game in after they've "beaten it". If you can elongate the time it takes to complete a game, the gamer would hold on to it for longer. The longer they hold onto it, the less resale stock there is... Which means more people will have to buy it new. This method allows developers to create games that people spend a lot of time with, without having to invest heavily into campaign material...

Baka-akaB1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

I reserve judgement till the product is released .

But i'm a bit baffled and perplexed by the reactions . People seem to so readily accept ideas and content from NetherRealms , they would trash and hate , without even listening to the logic behind it , had it come from others . As if they could do no wrong ... wich they did multiple times , like most good studios

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