Check Out Five New PS4 Dynamic Themes in Action and See if They're Worth Your Money

Disruptive Media Publishers has been quite active in creating new PS4 dynamic themes since when Sony opened the floodgates to third party developers.

Unfortunately it's quite hard to gauge a dynamic theme's quality without a video, and luckily this developer provided.

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InKnight7s1980d ago

Sorry but come on these things must be free it just themes and avatars.

Predaking771980d ago

Yeah and the developers should work for free too since it is just themes and avatars right?

StormLegend1980d ago

All of these themes......... How about some avatars? I got friends that don't have a PS3.

Der_Kommandant1980d ago

None of them are worth the price.

YamiMarik1980d ago

Sorry, Sony. I can only afford free stuff.

BABY-JEDI1980d ago

Sony should provide free dynamic themes for exclusives with purchases! Also, most of these dynamic themes are pure pants
: (

Eonjay1980d ago

Doesn't MLB 15 Collectors Edition include 30 Dynamic Team Themes?

BABY-JEDI1980d ago

I really don't know? If it does then that's pretty kool
; )

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The story is too old to be commented.