Xenoblade Chronicles X is going to reinvent the JRPG - again

Dealspwn writes: "Xenoblade Chronicles is one of the best JRPGs of the decade, and it succeeded by breaking the mold. The great characters and strong storylines we love from the genre were innovatively merged with the massive open worlds and exploration we typically associate with western RPGs and MMOs, creating a game that was enormous as it was deeply compelling. In effect, it reinvented and reinvigorated a genre that many, albeit incorrectly, feel is stagnating.

Xenoblade Chronicles X seems set to do the same. Only on a much grander scale. With mechs. And multiplayer!

Monolith Soft's upcoming Wii U exclusive has been on our radar ever since its first teasers, but Nintendo have now launched a slew of new details by way of one of an utterly stunning Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation. You can watch the video above, but for your convenience, here's what we now know about Xenoblade Chronicles X... and why we feel that it's one of the most exciting releases of 2015."

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TheImprobableMulk1974d ago

I must say, I've held off getting a Wii U so far, but the more I see of Xenoblade Chronicles X the more likely it will be that I'll be getting one, and soon. Really liking what I've seen of it so far (other than the name for the mechs. Ugh.)

Blues Cowboy1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

If it's anything like the original Xenoblade, it'll be amazing. It's a fusion of Japanese and Western RPG design, and feels fresher than most JRPGs I've been playing since.

But yeah, 'Doll' seems kinda... I dunno, it'll grow on me, but it doesn't feel like something the military would call a powerful battle mech!

Godmars2901973d ago

"Doll" has been used as an associative term for mechs and robots since the 80s.

pivotplease1973d ago

I just took the plunge and it was worth it. Super Mario 3D World and Smash are amazing as expected and if you liked Wind Waker the remaster is incredibly polished and is absolutely beautiful. Plus the game is even better on the game pad since you can swap items on the fly with the touch screen and you can have your map up at all times for dungeon and sea navigation. You can also aim things like the bow with the gyroscope if you want and it works well. It has been a great investment suffice to say.

Lon3wolf1973d ago

Not sure why you got negged lol, but I enjoy the Wii-U some more games would be nice though (games I'm more into should I say), this is one of my most anticipated titles of this year.

pivotplease1970d ago

Probably just a drunk person. That disagree button is placed precariously close to that agree button.

That or someone might just have a vendetta against the Wii U. I understand it's sales are weak, but it's been out the longest and as such probably has the best line up. Definitely needs this game and a Zelda though.

Lighter91974d ago

'It's going to reinvent the JRPG." Good! About time!

Blues Cowboy1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

I actually love JRPGs and play new/import releases constantly... but I agree. Too many JRPG studios today have the talent, but settle for rehashing the same basic structure while focusing on fanservice rather than unique exciting new characters and features. Not all studios, just too many.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very partial to a Compile Heart cheesecake-fest or NISJ romp, but the genre needs to push boundaries instead of falling back on tried-and-tested material.

Enate1971d ago

My biggest problem with all this, is I don't want jrpgs to just become more like wrpgs. Jrpgs have maintained a separation because they deliver something different. An if they lose what separates them from the rest I feel like we may lose the genre all together.

Its really about time for a good old turn based strategy jrpg as well. I miss things like ring of red, front mission and vanguard bandits. Square realized how much they undervalued the selling power of a good jrpg. When bravely default sold so well.

pivotplease1973d ago

I am very interested to see if all of these awesome games can reinvigorate JRPGs. We have Xenoblade, FFXV, KH3, FF Type-0, Persona 5, and Disgaea 5 all coming in the next two years probably (although KH3 might not even come out until 2017). About time after last gen we didn't get any new Personas or KH and the only FF was the garbage XIII series. I've been living off of Bethesda RPGs tbh.

pecorre1974d ago

With what? Meaningless fetch quests, bad story, annoying characters (Riki was worse than Jar Jar Bink), automatic combat, big empty world.

I know I'll get a lot of hate for saying this, but Xenoblade Chronicles is one of the most overrated games of the last generation.

Blues Cowboy1974d ago

Horses for courses I guess pecorre. Perhaps XC dabbled with MMO-style design a bit too heavily in parts, but for me it was a near-perfect fusion, especially since I dug on the stories and characters. Even Riki. ;)

I can't tell you what to like, and fair play for voicing your (perfectly valid) opinion. Hope you don't get too much hate.

acekaze1974d ago

I kinda made a similiar post to yours concerning the latest dragon age =P you wouldnt believe the hate i got, then again we are all entitled to our opinions, i wish more people would accept that.

pivotplease1973d ago

I might have to agree with your subjective opinion there.

DeusEx-Machina1974d ago

Well, that's your opinion then.

I for instance think Xenoblade was one of the finest games of the past 15 years.

Blues Cowboy1974d ago

Seconded! Still, I do appreciate that some prefer a tighter and more focused JRPG experience.

Personally I like to have it all. Roll on Xenoblade X.

tlougotg1973d ago

I agree and it is the reason i prefer games such as Demon Souls and the upcoming game like Bloodborn so much more. Dragon age too imo was overatted and bland. To me Demon Souls reinvigorated and brought some innovative things to the rpg genre such as its online component.

Pecorre dont forget the 720p goodness lol

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DeusEx-Machina1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Can't wait to experience this vast world, it's story and characters.

Also pumped to do quests and kill giant monsters in 4-player co-op!

Blues Cowboy1974d ago

Oh gawd yes. Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to MHU4, but I'm itching to face down (and then run screaming away from) Xenoblade X's critters. In a mech.

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