Techland Will Release Official Modding Tools For Dying Light

Techland has just announced that it is working on extensive and free modding tools for Dying Light.

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jeromeface1979d ago

Patch the ps4 version so i can coop first...

lmao2471979d ago

I have had no issues with PS4 coop, would you like to try and coop tonight, start troubleshooting the problem?

UKmilitia1979d ago

does coop not work?

surely it should because its all i heard them banging on about pre release.
im in the delay list so it best be fully sorted by then.

Mega241979d ago

I think it's your nat buddy, been cooping since day one.

lmao2471979d ago

I wish they could make Modding Tools available to consoles Users, Mods are great, I love PC gaming for that reason, but For many reasons I bought the game on PS4. I love the thought of being able to mod in Lightsabers, maybe a special zombie type, even fun new Locales.

kamisama1979d ago

Essentially it is possible if you remember UT3 on ps3 had mod supportand it actually worked pretty decent

subtenko1978d ago

They did it for UT3 on PS3, either they lazy, didnt wanna do it, didnt bother to make case to sony, case denied.

GetSomeLoGiK1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Before that, they should really fix the bugged trophies. I would have platinum if it wasn't messed up.

Bobby Kotex1978d ago

Just icing on the cake for PC gamers. Dying Light is likely my sleeper hit of 2015. Was expecting an average game that will hold me over until The Order 1886 comes out.

LAWSON721978d ago

Already played a lot of the game on Xbone, but would definitely pick it up on a good steam sale if the modding community got big enough