Need a cheap (but decent) PC headset? The Corsair Raptor LH1 Evo is £8.99

Dealspwn writes: The range of options available for PC headsets is baffling and the prices so often seem to be over £70 for anything with decent reviews behind it. Not today, get yourself on this deal for a Corsair Raptor LH1 Evo for just £8.99.

Rated a respectable 7.8/10 via 181 reviews, we'd say this is a solid purchase for those of you gaming on a budget. You might be trying to decide if you can be bothered with this social malarkey while online gaming, or maybe you want something a bit more private for a Skype chat. A two metre cable should be plenty for you too. Plus, its name incorporates pirate ships, dinosaurs and rally cars (I wouldn't be surprised if it came with a pack of McCoy's too).

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