Dungeon Defenders 2 Not Coming To Xbox One, Developer Praises Sony's Policies For PS4

Philip Asher who is the Marketing Director at Trendy Entertainment has revealed to GamingBolt that Sony's policies for the PlayStation 4 is the reason why they opted to go console exclusive with them.

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lemoncake1984d ago

Sonys current indie policy involves bags of cash so no surprise they like it. Never been a better time to be an indie developer they are raking in the cash.

rdgneoz31984d ago

Or it could be that small devs that can't release their game on multiple consoles at once, choose to release their game on the system that has the highest install base first. A certain other company is a little petty about getting things second, so they choose to have a policy in place that prevents devs from bringing their game to the system as a result.

lemoncake1984d ago

You can think whatever but the indie developers themselves have said Sony approached them with money so meh, whatever you want to believe I guess. But you have to look at it realistically, for example you really think that Sony didn't pay for no man sky, and it's only on ps4 because of this microsoft policy?

Quite a few games have released now after being on ps4 first once their exclusive timed deal finished so that argument is really looking weaker and weaker every month.

MSBAUSTX1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Lets be honest please. 90 percent of these indie games are total crap that belong on an ipad or galaxy S5. I didnt buy my PS4, XB1, and Wii U to play tower defense games or crappy remakes of all the games I played in the early and mid 90s.

I bought them to play big time games and enjoy what these systems can punch out as far as high end quality, great major developer games and multiplayer experiences. So whether this is a great game or not isnt really important in the grand scheme of things. The fact that I can play the first on an Ipad tells me something.

Now on to sales. The first sold just over 1 million copies. That is great for an indie but that was across android, Apple, PC, PS3 and XB360. You really think that releasing it on PS4 and leaving out the XB1 is going to yield the same results? Pretty stupid if you ask me. Not to mention that the programming of games from PS4 to xB1 isnt that big of a deal or hard. They are both dumbed down PCs.

OK let the disagrees commence but this game isnt some 60 dollar a copy blockbuster hit. It is a 10 or 15 dollar hit. Trust me when I say that it will be a PS plus free game within 90 days of its release. As would it be a games with gold freebie on if it released on XB1. Because thats what we get on those consoles each month. We get lasts months indie games for free.

Im not saying it isnt successful or it wont be good for the people who like this kind of game. PS4 and XB1 do not have huge sales figures for a lot of indie games. Even if the PS4 has more sales the XB1 still has Over 11 million sold. Either way it is less consoles sold by sony or MS right now than how many were sold last gen when the first game came out. It wont sell as many as the first due to this thus making irrelevent whether or.not it comes to XB.

Edit: just read its FTP which is even better. Lol i would rather play the other indies than some micro transaction P2W game. Disregard all I said. This game will not be invading my HD on my PS4.

the_dark_one1984d ago

Any source to that claim? Hum!? I guess not, but its ok

Silly gameAr1984d ago

Nah, let him think whatever.

BlackTar1871984d ago


I think Sony helped the dev No mans sky when their office flooded.

kickerz1984d ago

Not sure if it was Sony that helped. I know microsoft offered to help
Anyways it's good that so many people offered to help them out.

Gamer19821984d ago

Sony doesn't pay indie devs with bags of cash at all what a completely stupid and clearly said out of jealousy thing to say. You need to get out more.. They make deals with the devs to release there games on ps+ thats true however when first releasing on the network thats not true plus this is free to play so they won't get a dime off Sony.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )


Please don't start with the nonsense you started yesterday. There are no bags of cash. Sony gives developers advance royalty payments in exchange for a "LIMITED" exclusivity agreement. The agreement does not last forever. Even No Man's Sky is a timed exclusive.

Sony development relations manager Chris Eden announced the Pub Fund, a program that sees Sony matching the development budget and guaranteeing royalties for a self-published games in exchange for PlayStation Network exclusivity.

"We're looking for a number of great games, and in return for exclusivity we'll match your development budget with guaranteed royalties."

"The purpose of the Pub Fund is to fund publishing rather than development," clarified Rob Dyer, senior VP of publisher relations for Sony, speaking exclusively to "Its purpose is to stimulate self-publishing among those who can’t or don’t have access to disc-based publishing, which enables them to be more successful."

From the PlayStation website:



*Incentive based program intended to support platform-defining content on PS3™, PS4™, and PS Vita systems

*Guaranteed royalties upon release of the Game in exchange for "limited platform exclusivity"

*Additional Co-Marketing support on PlayStation®channels

There is no exclusive or timed exclusive. You keep saying that and you know it's a lie. There are only TIMED EXCLUSIVES with any agreement pertaining to the Pub fund.

I posted at least 5 links from NeoGaf in a PM I sent you yesterday and it's obvious that you haven't bothered to click a single one to read what developers are actually saying about the Pub Fund and The Launch Parity Clause.

Earlier today I admitted to being a Sony fan, but i'm not a delusional fan. It's obvious that you're an Xbox fan because you're defending a policy that developers overwhelmingly disagree with. You keep saying that Sony is money hatting indie developers, but if that was indeed the case, what's stopping Microsoft from doing the same thing with their "bottomless pockets" and "dump trucks full of cash?" Hmmm...

The story that you've concocted has too many holes, holes that don't make any sense.

"Money hatting?"

What's stopping Microsoft from doing it?

"Bags of cash?"

I thought Sony was broke?

"Microsoft has never turned away developers because of the Launch Parity Clause?"

If a developer says that they were denied a free Xbox One SDK because of LPC, do you actually think that anyone @ [email protected] will admit it?

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Minato-Namikaze1984d ago

The pub fund? Thats been around since forever. Its there to help smaller devs with the costs associated with making a game. They never hid that.

Unless you meant the money they give devs for the game being on PS+. Even then Indies have cited that policy as being a fair payment in exchange for missing out on potential sales, but can also work out better if the game wouldnt have hit sales targets.

callahan091984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Sony has had an indie games fund for years now. They help lots of small developers get their games funded, and for that they could be looked at as angel investors (this is a meaningful term, I'm not actually comparing them to angels, haha). Since Sony is giving money to people to make games, those people are making their games for Sony platforms. It's pretty simple, really, and there's absolutely NOTHING negative about it.

FunAndGun1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Sony haters always say how bad Sony's financials are, but yet now they have "bags of money" to throw around for all these indie games to be exclusive? C'mon, get real.

joeorc1984d ago

100% ironic is it not..LMAO
Sony has a Pub fund to help Devi's get started, but you have to freaking earn the help. They just do not help anyone who comes through the door to pitch an idea.

You have to show you are willing to learn, and show progress. Its not "throwing cash your way" lmao

kenshiro1001983d ago

Honestly, it's the silliest thing I've ever heard. How in the world can Sony afford to moneyhat when they're going bankrupt?

vishmarx1984d ago

i thought sony has no money

make up your mind

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Cuzzo631984d ago

This is like last year news tho