Mortal Kombat X May Feature Microtransactions

"Speaking to IGN at a recent event for the game, NetherRealm Studios marketing manager Brian Goodman explained that the company wasn't prepared to discuss microtransactions "yet", all but confirming there would come a point in the future where an announcement will be made."

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Gazondaily1981d ago


The old season pass DLC thing was decent. Please Netherealm...not like this...please..not like this!

globeofgamers1981d ago

It's how developers are doing it now. $>gamers

raptorjacob1981d ago

thats why ill stop playing games one day. how far will microtrans go? first its outfits next youll have to buy to finish a game. i wont support that.

sinjonezp1981d ago

I don't mind if it's just coins. I play 2k15 and they have this and it doesnt Directly effect gameplay or content . You can grind and get coins or maybe nether makes an app like 2k did for phones where you can get additional coins. Bottom line, as long as it's not a content issue, or you only get so many coins for completing task, it shouldn't be a problem. I just hope they stick to what they do best and that's giving us truck loads of unlockables and content.

ZombieKiller1981d ago

I feel like this is true with all the pre-order differences among retailers. WB saved them so now they have to listen to corporate. I hate to say it...

Mikelarry1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

ill wait for confirmation but the more I hear about this the less inclined I am to purchase it

shadowraiserx1981d ago

All my hype for this game just went downhill.Lame collectors edition for USA and Micro tracsations really?

Wonderful1011981d ago

I'll just wait for the Komplete Edition.

Dhampir1981d ago

I was going to pre-order this... but micro-transactions give pause. With backlogs growing every month, may as well wait for the $40 version with all DLC, patches, and stable netcode.

ZombieKiller1981d ago

I like the way you think. That is very true...especially in an instantly gratified society.

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The story is too old to be commented.