Mortal Kombat X - Next Trailer

FInd out what factions are featured in Mortal Kombat X in this new trailer.

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Gazondaily1982d ago

OMG!! This is gonna be EPIC!

PLEASE have a decent netcode this time. The last game had an atrocious one

Volkama1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Mortal Kombat games are awful, and get by purely on gore and shock. Always have done. Good netcode won't make it play well.

But they've made it up to a tenth(ish) game in the series, so either the gore value is really good, or some people actually enjoy playing them I suppose.

Edit: In fairness, this one looks quite a lot better than 9. Bit of much needed fluidity. Plus it has gore... I'll probably buy it.

Gazondaily1982d ago

Mortal Kombat 9 was amazing. What are you on about? The story mode was brilliant and the combat was tight

Volkama1982d ago

The story mode was a decent stepping stone into the presentation in Injustice, which still had terrible fighting mechanics but was a good game purely because of that presentation...

So X should have a good story mode. But I still expect terrible combat.

Some people obviously enjoy it. I've always preferred street fighter/soul calibur/virtua fighter/DoA.

Omegasyde1982d ago


I have played every mortal kombat game and granted there was some stinkers like mk4 and armgeddon but The last mk was the best in the series.

And one thing I love anout mk games is they have lots of stuff to unlock and new features each outing. The fatalities are a bonus.

Kluv1982d ago

Yeah I think you missed the whole Mortal Kombat 9 revitalizing everything. If you said this before MK9 came out...this would be a bit more accurate. But Mortal Kombat 9 was the first true entry that was balanced, and fun enough to see massive competitive play by fighting game purists. MK9 didn't get by on gore or shock, otherwise all the previous mortal kombats would have sold well, it got by on a thoroughly good and balanced fighting system, which is what the series was lacking all this time.

Lionalliance1982d ago

Sorry, but all i just read was BS in ya comment.

aCasualGamer1982d ago

[email protected]

MK9 was the best MK yet. Not speaking like a hardcore competetive tournament gamer, but as a "casual gamer" who battles it out with friends and siblings on the couch. This next iteration is going to be epic.

Hopefully, Liu Kang will get announced.

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Baka-akaB1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

It's not awful imo , but i just aint a fan . They always push the envelop in a few areas , last time was story mode , as an example .... but essentially they dont provide the kind of gameplay i seek , and imo distract a few with superficial stuff like gore . I also never liked how they handle animations , collisions and hitboxes . ANd yeah MK9 and injustice netcodes are a joke

But that just means the serie , and NetherRealms brand of fighting games , isnt for me .

I'll still have a way to try the next one at a friends , so who knows ...

Omegasyde1982d ago

the netcode did suck on mk9 but was vastly improved in injustice (ps4 version)

garos821982d ago

its looking even more and more awesome.

Love Ed Boon and you can see his passion shine through his product.

I will always have a soft spot in my heart for MK solely for the fact that they at least attempt to make a story within a fighting game. MK9's story mode was ace!

gedden71982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Yup! The 1st MK i will be buying, in a LONG time!!

theshredded1982d ago

I'm really glad this game looks different and brings new things to the table,MK9 was just too boring,repetitive and predictable

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