Wii U Exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles X's 24 Minute Video Will Make You Cry With Joy;Bundle Announced

Nintendo just broadcasted a large batch of new gameplay of Xenoblade Chronicles X, that will be released in Japan on April 29th, and in the rest of the world later this year. The publisher also announced a Wii U bundle for the game and the pre-download option in Japan.

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GamesGamesGames2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

It makes me cry - but not because of joy.... this looks horrible. The whole world looks bland and empty. It looks ike you could do nothing but fight against monsters.. and the character design is awful. There is a difference in looking like an anime and just looking horrible....
Everything in this game screams last gen.. the way the characters stand around and talk - without any kind of motion or expression of the face..
This game looks so sterile it could work in a hospital....

What I don't get is.... are you guys blind? Can't you see it? I mean can't you see how bad this looks? I'm not necessarily talking about graphics. I'm talking about the whole presentation.. the way the characters and monsters move... it just looks bad.

leemass242920d ago

"looks bland and empty" abit like you're comments then lol

2920d ago
Abriael2920d ago Show
Haru2920d ago

Agreed looks pretty bad

pivotplease2919d ago

Graphically not that impressive(compared to the likes of FFXV)...but these games have depth and just as much longevity as DA. I would go as far as to say that this will probably be more fun though. Can't wait to find out. Definitely a reason to consider the Wii U as a second console if you're an RPG fan. That and what RPG fan doesn't also love Zelda despite the genre difference?

kwandar2920d ago

Like the look of this far better than Persona5, not that there is anything wrong with Persona5 - just that it is more cartoonish.

pivotplease2919d ago

I like both, but as a huge fan of the likes of Wind Waker, DC2 (<--- obviously), Journey, and Okami, there's just something about a well-done cartoonish art direction. It's probably because they can pull off more with less processing power and it is far easier to hide graphical blemishes. I think these kinds of games sometimes have the potential to be even more beautiful than the photorealistic games though.

acekaze2920d ago

if you said "Hey i dont like the rough edges or the graphics on itself" i could have understood your position, after all some people are more demanding than others, but, seriously? the world looks empty? Its probably one of the best factors i am seing ingame, the fact the both the world + its fauna are looking extremly alive on its own i am curious, what is it for you that makes a world alive? And please, use a reference thats similiar to this type of game.

mshope102920d ago ShowReplies(1)
Mikito112920d ago

Wow if you're that focused on how realistic graphics are maybe you should change your profile picture.. I mean.. It's like so 7 gens ago, right?... -.-

raWfodog2920d ago

From the perspective of an older gamer:

I've been playing video games since my first Atari back in 1977 when two white sticks on opposite sides of the screen bounced a white ball (square) back and forth between each other. I've been through the whole gamut of graphical innovations and improvements and I realize that we have indeed come a long way in video game graphics and presentation. But that doesn't mean a game can't be fun because you think it doesn't look good.

These days, its fashionable to argue about the differences in resolution, framerates, anti-aliasing and tessalation. I'm sad to see that many gamers have seem to lost their sense of adventure and wonder when it comes to exploring new game worlds because the graphics and game world aren't hyper-realistic. Now a popular complaint is that games look 'last gen' as if a game can't be fun because it looks like something you may have played years ago. Many of my favorite games and memories are from N64 and the original Playstation. Many people, like myself, find these 'bland' graphics aesthetically pleasing and look forward to playing this game.

You're obviously looking for more in your gaming experiences and you are certainly entitled to your opinion. But you seem to think that other are 'blind' because they don't share your same sentiments and that is ironic because you are the 'blind' one if you think that your opinions are fact.

higgins782919d ago

I wholeheartedly agree. I don't know what you've said to warrant a disagree. It's true particularly regarding 'last gen' graphics. Each to his/her own tastes, but looking at this footage, I can't help being blown away. It's even true that (for me) a game (for example) such as Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii) looks today far more aesthetically pleasing than say Dark Souls 2, again, for example.

Zulehan2919d ago

I want to give brief comment on two FF games before adding to this discussion with my thoughts on Xenoblade Chronicles X. As implied, this reply is not meant toward anyone in particular, but for the readers in general. I hope my input may be worthwhile, as I have found most other comments here.

I remember how gorgeous FFXIII looked but how I was disappointed with its world. For one, a lot of its backstory, which would have been an interesting part of the narrative, was instead to be found as reading material in the menu. If someone has to access the menu to get an idea what was and is going on, you as a writer are probably doing it wrong. Also, though the settings were beautiful, I realized, as the reviewer at Zero Punctuation pointed out, it was like a lush painting bordering you on a narrow corridor, and even the vast field near the end of the game was but a brief foray before a return to the narrow corridor with no towns or other breaks that made the other FF games I played more fun.

That said, I am excited about FFXV. Yes, the graphics are spectacular and the open-world a departure from FFXIII, but that is only part of it. I have higher hopes for the story and characterization.

When it comes to Xenoblade Chronicles, the creators had to expend more effort to convince me because I am completely unfamiliar with their franchise, but what I have seen encourages me. Their characters' facial designs are not so pleasing to me, but the great attention to their setting is. If I enjoy the game, I imagine my memory might be skewed in favor of thinking it looked better than it did, much as fans like me who played Ocarina of Time remember that waterfall near the entrance to Zora's Domain as looking more intricate and wondrous than it is to gamers who did not grow up with it like we did.

In regards to the story, simply from the opening cinematics I get a good idea for the plot and characters, in contrast to how seemingly confused FFXIII's narrative felt. Not to give anyone the wrong impression: I am not one of those people who throw a hissy fit when a plot is more complicated than prince saves princess, evil guys are invading lets stop them; in fact, FFX is one of my favorite games, despite its plot being quite intricate and not entirely straightforward. But there was enough narrative focus and content in the game through character interaction, gameplay, and cinematics, that I was left interested enough to read up on more details on my own.

I have also been encouraged by a playthrough of the previous game, Xenoblade Chronicles, by Chuggaconroy at YouTube. He has been playing the game for months (uploading 20-30 minute videos), and shows no signs of finishing yet. I have noticed him engaged in many sidequests, and he would say, 'Oh, going this way will bring us to such and such mission, but I want to head here to take care of these few first...' and I was simply taken aback by how lost in objectives he was. There is no reason to believe that the creators of this franchise are less ambitious this time around, as ever indication is even greater ambition.

Xenoblade Chronicles X may not have graphics as mindblowing as FFXV, but Xenoblade Chronicles X's graphics are not pathetic either. I will take amazing graphics where I can get them, but if I am at least OK with the design/style I look to whether the other aspects of the game are good.

F0XHOUND2919d ago

This looks epic. Full of character, the world is there to explore and hunt monsters.... the characters are anime themed, its nothing special but they look decent enough. The story, music, gameplay and general feel to the game will be great I'm positive.

StarLord_Who2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Don't have kids

TomahawkX2919d ago

first of all the video shows basic exploration, they haven't shown any of the dungeons yet where there will be puzzle solving and fighting things other than monsters. Did you watch the video until the end where they showed an alien race that you fight? Yea they haven't revealed much of the main story and bad guys at yet. As for the complaints about character design, check out xenogears and xenosaga because the same character artist for this game designed the characters in those games. The models are designed exactly in that persons art style, so yeah love it or hate it.

3-4-52919d ago

I'm still working through my DS/PSP backlog of games and I think a lot of those are beautiful.

If those are beautiful.....for what they are, then so is this.

People who care the most about graphics aren't even really that into games most of the time.

It's usually the "fake hardcore" crowd.

brewin2919d ago

Haters gonna hate... Sad. Game looks awesome and I cant wait to spend hundreds of hours exploring this games' many many areas.

Magicite2919d ago

Gonna wait until WiiU games can be emulated.
So far all Nintendo systems have been emulated and its a joy to play their games on PC and with no cost.

bobacdigital2919d ago

Do you have no shame lol.. Show some respect to the developers who make the damn game. People work pretty hard to bring experiences like this to you and me.. Pay for software... incentive is you keep getting quality games.

wonderfulmonkeyman2919d ago

Idiots like you lend credence to Nintendo's bad moves on Youtube lately.
So yeah, thanks for being an enabler for some of Nintendo's worst decisions.

bangoskank2919d ago

Either you need to update your eye prescription or you don't get enough attention in real life.

DeusEx-Machina2919d ago

probably a little bit of both...

wonderfulmonkeyman2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

No, you ARE talking about graphics.
Your entire complaint revolves around "how bad it looks".
And you're STILL on that "last gen" kick.

You really just need to quit commenting on this game.

We like what we see.
You don't, not just because you hate the game but also because you hate the console, and you're insisting we should follow your tastes instead of having our own opinion, otherwise we're just "blind".

It's arrogant and irritating, and you need to SHUT! UP!

gangsta_red2919d ago

I feel sad for this gen of gamers. Where looks are the only thing that matters and anything beyond what the eyes see is ignored or not even considered.

Sure, its no The Order or Ryse with 10 million polys for each eyelid but everything else for this game screams EPIC.

If you played Xenoblade and just experienced how well crafted the gameplay, story and design was as I have then you would forgive these "bad" graphics and be more excited in knowing just how big and well done this game is going to be.

I'll take a well done, epic, huge game with attention to detail, design and game mechanics any day over pure eye candy.

feragom2919d ago

Well considering it almost took 2 disks, runs 720p, huge world, great design, huge improvement from e3 2014, and so many feature would make good but it is on the wiiu it must suck. That is what I hear from you. Contrary to your ideas I believe it will influence video games just like the first.

elninels2919d ago

Super strong disagree. This game is why I will buy a wii u.

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Drithe2920d ago

I think this game looks absolutely incredible. I would much rather play this than FF 15.

Clover9042920d ago

It looks good, but let's not get crazy now.

Concertoine2920d ago

Honestly Monolithsoft has a much better track record than FF as of late. That makes me cautiously optimistic of FFXV and very excited for Xenoblade X.

Also, dat Dualshockers headline

shaw982920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Crazy? This is Monolith soft we are talking about. The people that gave new life to the dying JRPG genre with Xenoblade. FF has been falling on it's track record for years now. Do I need to bring up Final hallway? Monolith soft has a stellar track record even before they were bought by Nintendo. With how big this game, it being 5 times bigger than the first Xenoblade (Xenoblade was already bigger than skyrim) and with so much to do in it, I don't think it is hard to see why people can put it over a franchise that has lost it's lust.

Big_Game_Hunters2920d ago

What was the last great mainline FF game? 15 looks good but at this point Monolith has a much better track record.

magiciandude2920d ago

FFXV will have shinier graphics for sure, but the game with the better gameplay and story? My bet is on Xenoblade, but we'll find out. :)

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mezati992920d ago

How can you say that when we haven't play either games?! crazy people....

rawrock2920d ago

Not sure yet, FF15 may be great as well...we will have to wait and see. Gonna get both anyways.

Shadonic2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I do agree that Squareenix hasn't been doing that great with its recent games but we cant just stop hoping that FF15 will be good due to some 15 mins of xenoblade i am a ps4 owner and think xenoblade looks like a good game i would buy if i had a wii u that said i do think it has cons and so does every game.
But FF15 has barely been shown to us so we don't have the right to judge it in my opinion, from the trailers though it looks like the story and gameplay are going to be there definitely.

NoctisPendragon2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

If FF XV was on Wii U it would sell twice or trice more than XCX , 100% true sry.

And to say the true , alot of FF XV players wont care about XCX, so there is no point comparing them.

wonderfulmonkeyman2919d ago

You could not be more wrong if you tried, especially considering the lack of trust Squeenix has right now in regards to Wii U development compared to Monolith.

pcz2919d ago

those are the most annoying voices i have ever heard.

i didnt watch the whole vid i just skipped through to get an idea, dont want to spoil it.

i pray they release a hardware bundle in Europe for this game. if not, then i hope it gets the collectors edition treatment at least.

Ch1d0r12919d ago

For a Wii U game it looks great.

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Elit3Nick2920d ago

Damn I instantly recognised Hiroyuki Sawano's music in this. He's the one who composed the music for Guilty Crown, Attack on Titan, Kill La Kill and Aldnoah.Zero

Qrphe2920d ago

And Gundam Unicorn, which was his most recognized work until SnK

Shadonic2919d ago

I actually noticed it too lol thats awesome he is doing the music

rawrock2920d ago

Looking forward to this game, and Xenoblade on New 3DS :)

AsheXII2920d ago

game looks good, but the music and voices leave a lot to be desired.

Metallox2919d ago

I can barely hear it in this video.

pcz2919d ago

im disappointed with the music too. there was no need to bring in a new producer, ACE produced the best soundtrack i have ever heard in a game for xenoblade... if it aint broke, why fix it?