PS3 F1 Creator Speaks Out, New HD Screens Included

Graeme Ankers, of Sony's Liverpool studio, takes PS3's most realistic racer for a spin with IGN strapped into the passenger seat.

Graeme Ankers Quotes: "To give you an idea of the power of PlayStation 3, when we first started developing the game, for the first six months we were using high-end PCs to handle all the mundane pipeline stuff. But we ended up ditching them all and replacing them with a rack of PS3s because they handled all of the information quicker. In terms of raw processing power it absolutely rips apart a high-end PC."

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Bhai4337d ago (Edited 4337d ago )

"IGN UK: The wet weather effects look fantastic but is the weather system dynamic?

Graeme Ankers: It is, yes. It can start off sunny at the beginning of a race but then turn cloudy and overcast. Sporadic light rain will then fall, with a little spray coming off the back of the cars before it moves onto heavy rain. That can actually take place over the course of a single lap, so in a 10 lap race is can start sunny, rain in the middle and then dry up at the end, with the racing lining drying faster as the cars go round. This obviously means you'll need to go into the pits to change your tyres while the other cars are trying to do the same."

Wow, stunning !...moreover...

Bhai4337d ago (Edited 4337d ago )
Ufff!!!...exceptional indeed, never have ever seen like this here.

Antan4337d ago

Stunning. never been the same since the Damon Hill Michael Schumacher rivalry came to an end.

SimmoUK4337d ago (Edited 4337d ago )

WOW the most realistic game ever graphically. Talk about photo realism i'm sold! Bring on F1!

DJ4337d ago

Picture of the month. Is anyone NOT picking up this title? Haha. I love the lighting during the morning race shots. And the reflections of the wet asphalt really sells the rain effects.

ACE4337d ago

shame the in game shots aint all that .

keep us laughing sony fanatics :) .

WhEeLz4335d ago

sorry to bust your bubble...but i did play the demo and the screen shots look just like the in game play...matter of fact the screenshots probably are from the in game