Three More Witcher Books To Be Translated Into English

Three more Witcher book are to be translated into English, Sword of Destiny, The Swallows Tower, and The Lady of the Lake. One of these is due to be released along side The Wild Hunt. Find out which here.

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ArchangelMike1981d ago

Awesome. I'm reading through a fan translation of Sword of Destiny, and it a bit... weak to be hinest. So it'd be great to get a proper translation. Shame it doesn't come out before the game though.

VaporShalashaska1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Nice! I've reached the third book in the saga, which is sadly also the last official translation so far, so it's nice to know they are working on the remaining ones. I do respect the work the guys who've fan translated the rest have done, but I would love to 'finish the adventure' without having to worry about whether or not the translation is accurate :)

When I read the fan translation of 'The Sword of Destiny' I remember having a few problems here and there.