The Soul Keeper - New Third-Person Game Powered by Unreal Engine 4 - First Screenshots Released

HELM Systems has released the first screenshots from its upcoming Unreal Engine 4-powered game, The Soul Keeper. HELM Systems has not revealed any additional information for this game or on which platforms it will be released (though we can safely assume that PC will be one of them).

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1978d ago
DevilOgreFish1978d ago

A little tired of the generic middle age stuff. could have done a lot more artistically hadn't they broaden their ideas and topics.

CyrusLemont1978d ago

An open world Blade Runner parkour-esque game would be sick.

Kavorklestein1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Seriously looks like Skyrim assets ported/imported and/or copied into Unreal Engine 4.

Even the Sword and shields on the wall in the Inn/Tavern look almost identical.
The FOV/engine/lighting and texture quality look different, but still almost looks too close for comfort in or similar to skyrim for my tastes.
If it ends up being like skyrim then if it's at least fun or deep then I might try it.
Also, the Game is called "Soul Keeper"
My guess is you might harvest souls similar to getting souls from Dragons in Skyrim..

Oh well lol.. Not trying to say I'm sitting here bashing it, but it is kinda silly to me lol

Spenok1978d ago

Man you weren't kidding when you said the game looked almost identical. Never heard of this team though, so it sort of doesn't surprise me.