The sad truth of gaming, as learned from 10 depressing Trophy completion stats

Ben Tyrer writes: "Modern gaming is pretty decent; we have some of the most beautiful looking games of all time and plenty of experimental experiences thanks to the explosion of indie games. However, while the grass is a vibrant shade of green, it’s hard not to notice one or two weeds starting to push their way through this heavy-handed metaphor. You see, games are great and all, but are we really making the most out of them? No."

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shayol33t1983d ago

What, GamesRadar is surprised that the majority of gamers play for the games as opposed to the achievements?

x_RadicalAura_x1983d ago

Nonetheless, they still give insight to useful statistics such as game completion across the whole user-base, regardless of how much you actually care about the trophy.

Ozmoses1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

if you want real trophy statistics than I suggest going to (just enter you PSN name to check it out or you can enter any PSN name you want to check them out)

this website tracks all types of shit...

the time of day you earn the most trophies, the day of the week you earn the most trophies...

it's pretty damn detailed... it also has rare, uncommon, etc.. just like they added to PSN

for example here is the link to my trophy statistics...

I tend to get the majority of my trophies in the early morning hours...

hardcorehippiez1982d ago

at a quick guess , i would say you have children and most of youre gaming time is done when they have been settled for the night . im the same as far as time for earning trophies is concerned.

GokuSolosAll1983d ago

I play for the games but Trophies add to the overall experience as a gamer rather than making any game better in itself by that much. Bragging rights and completion are subjects gamers duscuss. Trophies simply give similar concepts an actual quantifier.

Jamiex661982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

I remember reading about the Alien Isolation Trophy completion rates the other week, and like with that I don't think these statistics can be used to correctly judge compeltition rates.

Sure they do showcase a percentage, but this also ignores those who don't sync their trophies and for some, completing a game isn't a priority to simply playing and enjoying it.

How many hours could one out in DAI and never earn the Game Complete trophy, when they still played it for hundreds of hours.

Developers stated last year that only a small percentage of players actually finish games, so it's not like this sort of data is a shock.

Reference -

Either way, this data isn't that reliable in my opinion due to many factors.

Ozmoses1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

that is 100% true... especially when you take into account that everytime you "play" a game for the first time it syncs the trophy list on PSN..

so I mean you can install a game and click it to download the latest patch and the trophy list is skewed from there... for example..

I mean I buy games a lot and usually on Day 1 but that doesn't mean I always play the right away.. Especially if it's a month where multiple releases are coming out.

Yeah judging game completion based on trophy stasis is kind of a mute point because like you said you could be playing for 100+ hours doing stuff that isn't trophy related.

Jubez1871982d ago

I think your point is pretty moot. The article isn't talking much about game completion. We know already know no one completes games. Things like the fist mission in cod only being 58% is a little alarming when it used to be a powerhouse single player experience back in the day. That tells a story.

And I'm sure the next cod will have an even worse single player.

Jamiex661982d ago

I am all about the single player, but I think hardcore fans barely touch it. Almost every COD player I know goes straight to multiplayer or zombies, the campaign doesn't interest.

Either way COD has more to offer than single player, and a lot of people tend yo favour those modes.

GamesGamesGames1982d ago

I really enjoyed this interesting list. Never really thought about the stuff the author mentioned. I need to compare my trophies with the other gamers in my friendslist asap :-)

Jubez1871982d ago

Some interesting ones I've seen. 1. The % of people who have the gold trophy for completing the last chapter in TWD doesn't match the % of the platinum. You get the plat just for beating the game, so the 2 trophies pop at the same time. I don't know why someone would turn their console off and refuse the trophy.

2. The trophy for handing in your first quest in FFXIV is at like 98%. So 2% of people (who installed and turned the game on) didn't even make it to the first quest. Rofl.

jreeves821982d ago

The reason some people would have trophy for finishing the last chapter but not the Platinum is because they would play the last chapter before some of the earlier ones.

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