Dark Souls 2: PS4 Graphics Comparison Preview

IGN makes the first video comparison for the next-gen version of Dark Souls 2.

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Bennibop1978d ago

Tey need to turn the brightness down on a the ps4

Transporter471978d ago

Maybe turn it down if it bothers you on your tv. It doesn't really matter because watching a video =/= how it looks on your tv unless it is uncompressed anyways.

XanderZane1978d ago

It's obviously going to look much better on the PS4. Is this going to be a definitive edtion where all the DLC is going to be included on the Blu-Ray? Otherwise, you might as well just wait for the price to drop down to $20 or less before getting it.

Exari1978d ago

yes, it does include all dlcs. and the online can be up to 6 players instead of 4 on last gen

XanderZane1977d ago

Well that's a different story then. I didn't get any of the DLC for Dark Souls 2 (PS3), so think might be worth a look down the road.

Der_Kommandant1978d ago

60 fps makes a huge difference

WizzroSupreme1978d ago

Can't imagine how awesome a current-gen exclusive Dark Souls 3would be.

sephiroth4201978d ago

its a rather ugly game on all platforms :/

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