Metal Gear sells 1.99 million units in FY 2015

Konami Digital Entertainment has released their latest financial report, which includes sales data and planned releases.

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SolidDuck1975d ago

I've played every metal gear game even the portables. One of fav franchises. Can't wait for phantom pain. I couldn't bring myself to buy ground zeroes at full price, but I bought it on the psn on sale for 6.50. Great setup, but it should of been 5 bucks at the most.

Number-Nine1974d ago

still waiting for the perfect opportunity. i feel once PP comes out itll be packed with with GZ. might wait till then unless its free.

Spore_7771974d ago

I'm optimistic for a GZ+TPP Limited Edition PS4 Bundle.

Nyxus1974d ago

Konami said they weren't planning to bundle the two games, but I have a feeling it will happen eventually. Just not at launch, probably.

Spore_7771974d ago

Yeah 5 sounds about right. I'm holding off playing it until TPP is out. I don't think I have the heart to wait for TPP months after experiencing GZ. I want a seamless transition damnit!

Nyxus1974d ago

I played the game for several hours so for me the 27 euros I payed for it were fine. But yeah, TPP is going to be the real deal.

spacedelete1974d ago

Ground zeros will be free on ps plus just before the tpp releases.

Grap1974d ago

Selling demo is no where good for this industry.

leahcim1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

It is not a demo

A demo does not have the amount of data and info about the previous and next games in the franchise, I enjoyed every minute of its dialogues and gameplay, If you love the Metal Gear saga as I do you will be trying to reach a 100% for more than 15 hours.

I hope the FFXV demo takes note of this.