EA Reveals Improvements Made In Battlefield: Hardline Since Beta

Visceral Games has made a number of improvements to Battlefield: Hardline since the beta.

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deaddragonz2544d ago

I'm playing it, and giving it a chance. Not really seeing a $60 game though.

brich2332544d ago

Ofcourse your not going to see it, its a BETA. The full game will have more maps and single player.

Sir_Simba2544d ago

I think you misunderstood him,

spacedelete2544d ago

its the gameplay thats terrible. i doubt it will change in the full game. getting sick of these "its only a beta" comments.

donthate2544d ago

I kind of agree. The controls is not to my liking and I hope it gets better, but it feels rough and not smooth at all.

Not even 30fps smooth, let alone the entire experience feels very detached.

Thanks for the beta, but I will not be shelling hard earned cash on it.

TKCMuzzer2544d ago

Mine runs at 60fps and is smooth, it plays like Battlefield so I don't get your comment and to be honest, can you really feel attached to a multiplayer beta?
It sounds like
A: you prefer COD controls where the game aims for you
B: Your internet is that bad its producing lag on your screen destroying the frame rate
C: Or you have a hang up on the fact it's not DLC included in your premium so can't look for any positives because you feel ripped off.

I would bank for 'C' as that seems to be most peoples issue on here, not whether its fun but the fact they think EA should be throwing it at them at very little cost.

Macdaddy712544d ago

You can not judge if a game worth it or not by the beta, be thankful they care enough to release a beta so we can help fix bugs before the full game does release,....I have be crying wanting more beta games or they bring back beta testers to fix games,... I can remember back in the day when they used beta testers n our games was released a lot better,..
Pat on there back for the beta.....

2543d ago
Phene2544d ago

Yeh man honestly I'm having fun, it's no bad company 2 ...but I just can't justify 60 bucks. I'd pay 30 for this.

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srd44842544d ago

I played a few games from the Beta. I've also played BF4. To me it's like playing an expansion pack. Am I wrong here? Do the hardcore BF4 gamers see a whole new game here?

Billybobjoey2544d ago

I didn't get BF4, and after playing this, I'm really liking it. Maybe it's because I didn't get BF4, but I may get this when the price lowers a bit.

brich2332544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Bf4 has improved over time, you might want to check it out now at a budget price.

TKCMuzzer2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Not a whole new but what that is fun to play, I like battlefield 4 but there are some things done on hardline that are far more polished. I could quite easily go between the two and even though they are similar they do offer different experiences. Hardline is definitely quicker paced than BF4 and the new modes are refreshing and the vehicles are actually fun to use and appeal to a broader player were as tanks do require an element of know how.
Purchasing weapons is far better than just unlocking them as this becomes a decision based on your style and not what you have unlocked and there are small graphical touches that are above BF4 (the reflections of players in windows and puddles etc) add a bit more polish. Plus, I can edit by loadout in the main menu a massive oversight in BF4.
Maybe because it slightly quicker I enjoy it more, maybe it's just because shooting someone of their motorbike is just so damn funny, I'm not sure but one thing I am sure of, it is fun to play and that's surely what we ask of video games, thats how I judge what I buy.

DanielGearSolid2544d ago

Has a campaign, has multi-player, has as many maps as bf4, has new modes.

What exactly makes it not worth 60?

Halo2ODST22543d ago

"Has a campaign, has multi-player, has as many maps as bf4, has new modes" I don't agree with Reko either, but seriously, okay so every COD game is worth $60 then, you know, the thing that lacks innovation, new things duh

TKCMuzzer2544d ago

Well, thats an example of how to waste your one and only bubble.

TekKing2544d ago

I'm glad I waited for this instead of buying the glorified Battlefield 3 DLC known as Battlefield 4.

aco2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

there is one thing that surprised me in this beta.. It was how fast I was able to connect to a server... It took like 10-12 second maybe less to get in a game session( maybe because it is a beta) and if you think about it is impressive considering some maps has up to 65 players. Another thing is that the game is very fast paced compare to the previous battlefield.
PS. Playing it on PS4

Personally I always liked Battlefield more than COD because of the size of the map and the community..
Battlefield Hardline seem like a fast paced game since the game theme is Thief's VS Cops...
I'm separating this game from Battlefield because this one seems like an expansion to the battlefield world and hopefully we will get Battlefield 5 after this.. ( And I really hope this time they will give us a complete game and not the mess they created with Battlefield 4 when it launched)

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