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Sony’s 'Not So Next Gen' Console: The PS4 has Dropped the Ball

The PlayStation fan base is a faithful one but even they are starting to question why last generation features have not been implemented in Sony's current generation console. From DLNA to third party peripheral support, are we ever going to see these features come back?

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Ridiculous clickbait.
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kayoss2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

I read the article and he does pose some good questions regarding why some features are left out. But the headline of this article screams "CLICKBAIT".
He mentioned why Sony fourth console left out DLNA. In my opinion, Sony purposely left this out due to PS NOW. As all of us know by now, PS NOW is a subscription based game streaming service. Currently it is only for video games, but I feel that Sony will be adding Movies and TV shows to this service as well. So the best answer i can come up with for the exclusion of DLNA on the PS4 is a business decision made by Sony.
His complaints about Thrustmaster not being cross gen compatible, but my question is how is this Sony's fault? Is there something im missing here? Thrustmaster is a 3rd party company that makes peripherals for home console. Sony have no control over their decisions if peripherals are cross gen compatible.

Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One are next gen consoles regardless of what people think. We are setting the bar too high for games that were made in the consoles infancies. Games like Ryse, Infamous, Killzone, The Last of us remaster, and Driveclub are games that showcase the ability of these consoles. I will guarantee you that in 2-3 more years these consoles will show us something that have never seen before on a console. The games will just going to get better as the developers understand the system capabilities.

Wingsfan242006d ago

Sorry, but the only way for opinion editorials, or any articles of worth on this website to be read are if authors give it a good title that makes you want to click. What's going to get more traffic - The PS4 Has Some Kinks to Work Out? or Sony's Not So Next-Gen Console, The PS4, Has Dropped the Ball

It's baity, but it's an opinion editorial so it's kinda expected and it's not a bad title in that right. I mean, try to look at it from the point of the website owner sometimes, if you wrote something you wanted people to read and discuss, and it's consistently ignored because of a boring title...well, you have your answer.

RealFry2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

I didn't think the article was that great tbh, only two minor gripes. But I agreed with you on principle. The only topics that seems to generate traffic on N4G are either PlayStation sales reports, The order hate/love articles and console war articles and the associated sales reports that go with them...zzzZZZz. Takes a while for something interesting to find its way to front page sometimes.

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SilentNegotiator2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

I hope you don't actually think that justifies anything.

And I certainly don't buy consoles for the media features. And now that Blu-ray and Netflix are standard, I don't know a single person personally that does.

What makes a console "next gen", anyway? Gaming features like Shareplay or some media features that very few people use?

Cueil2005d ago

as long as the title reflex the content of the article I'm fine with it personally... it's when the title has nothing to do with the content or is a massive over statement... such as "Xbox One is Doomed?" and then the article is actually about how the Xbox One is outselling the Xbox 360 same time sales...

jimmins2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Op-ed does not stand for opinion editorial, it stands for opposite editorial. As in: a feature on the opposing page of a newspaper or magazine to the one on which the editor writes his or her editorial.


And that's the end of school for today.

AndrewLB2005d ago

jimmins- I think it's time for you to go back to school because you're only half-correct. Op-Ed does indeed mean "opinion editorial" even though it originally was newsroom short-hand for "opposite the editorial page" and were/are traditionally written by an outside author who is not part of the Editorial Board of the publication. Articles written by the editor or a board member are "editorials", hence the namesake.

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kreate2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

I think these are valid complaints. hopefully ppl keep complaining so sony gets the message.

if no one bought the ps4, than sony would of implement it asap.
but since the ps4 is selling like crazy, sony is not caring as much as they should.

I don't care about the mp3 but I do care a little about the dlna support. but its not a deal breaker.

it is my theory that sony probably left it out to keep the console cost down. implementation itself is also a cost.

but these aren't really issues to fight over or even worry about. I rather spend a $100 more for BC and system/psn stability (although on the ps3, I didn't have much psn issues) than dlna/mp3 support.

i didn't buy a ps4 yet cuz i heard i couldn't add video files like the ps3. and ps4 should implement the same exHDD feature like the x1.

Pogmathoin2005d ago

Its a valid point, but a very minor issue. I like the many things X1 does, but 99.9% of my time is playing games on it. Same for PS.

Ausbo2006d ago

The problem is, Xbox one just got a lot of these features. You can't expect a new console to have more at launch than the previous Gen. Apps and dlna will come its just a matter of time. Both Sony and Microsoft have a long way to go before thier new offerings match up to thier previous consoles feature wise.

TruthInsider 2006d ago

Does Xbox support all these steering wheels and peripherals?
Does Xbox One have every feature of PS3?
Next gen consoles don't play 720p 15fps games.

2006d ago
BDG2005d ago

Because most tvs (even cheap models) can stream via dnla I feel that the time has passed for my console to require these features in the same way as having netflix and bbc iplayer is somewhat redundant now most tvs are internet ready smart tvs with access to these services. Last gen this was different as no devices connected to tvs could do this as easily as when ps3/xbox did. You could even argue that the success of these features on home consoles is what led to these features being put into modern tvs as standard.
I know that not everyone has a smart internet enabled tv but I am guessing those that dont right now are prob considering buying one in next year or so when they upgrade their tv. So in a couple of years I very much doubt many people will need these features hence why a future looking Sony aren't really seeing them as a priority. I am far more interested in seeing what Sony brings to ps4 that will become standard in the next 10
years just as dlna and catch up services have done last gen. I see PS NOW as one such feature so very interested in seeing how it develops and how other such copycat services come if its a success

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WeAreLegion2006d ago

All three consoles are missing features we assumed would be here this gen, unfortunately.

OC_MurphysLaw2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

it is true, all 3 really did miss the mark on features here and there. I think this article singles out the PS4 because it is the lead console of the 3 by a big margin. I suppose you could say "does it really deserve all the success given its faults"...and there are many.

I think the true origin of the PS4's success this gen has been a consumer base that was more than ready for a new console. PS4 came out most importantly with the right price and didn't have the ugly always online debacle. Price alone made this console the defacto choice for a good part of the year.

jznrpg2006d ago

I think people bought Playstation 4 because they have along history of making a lot of good games with a lot of variety, on top of wanting a more powerful machine than last gen.

rainslacker2005d ago

I think 99% of people buy a console for the games on it, not all that other stuff. PS3 may have been an exception to that rule in the first year and a half due to it being the cheapest and arguably the best BR player, but that's about it. Those other features were always just nice to have and were just added value, but not really a reason to choose one game console over another.

christian hour2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Yeah I was a bit miffed at first, but now tvs come with media players built in, tv satelite boxes like UPC Horizon (or whatever you guys have in america) come with media players and DLNA streaming built in to them now too, everything seems to have it now. Its made my actual Western Digital media player kinda obsolete, so its no longer something I really need my console for.

Only thing I kinda miss is listening to music being streamed while I play games. 8gb usb (or was it 4gb? or maybe 16? sorry i cant remember the actual number) is not enough to shuffle all the music my ears desire. That free month of music unlimited was nice, but I can't afford that kinda monthly payment on top of bills/rent.