A Window to a New World? How Windows 10 May Revolutionize Gaming

PC gaming has long been a Windows-centric world, but that's mainly been by default. As AUTOMATON's Matthew Coslett points out, MIcrosoft is looking to make Windows 10 the new go-to gaming platform.

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Roccetarius2921d ago

Other than a DX update, i can't see why they would revolutionize PC gaming. Hopefully we get some more news from the OGL camp instead.

imXify2921d ago

Windows isn't only about gaming you know. And Windows 10 looks like it will become be the king of work and productivity.

Roccetarius2921d ago

This is about gaming, hence i left out anything else.

imXify2921d ago

Understandle. My bad. :P

Yetter2921d ago

Crossplay, building XBL services into windows 10 including game DVR. These are just small thing, whats really important is MS is taking this seriously

kevnb2921d ago

Gfwl failed so badly I don't think there's any hope.

gangsta_red2921d ago

You don't become a billion dollar business by giving up after failures.

As gamers you should want this to succeed.