Massive Update Incoming For The Crew Next Week

Ubisoft have just announced that their open-world racing game The Crew is about to receive a substantial update.

Developers Ivory Tower are currently busy working on a number of updates for The Crew including a new PVP mode, improved frame rate when in cockpit view, and tweaks to many car’s handling and speed among many other bug fixes.

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Satyre281977d ago

Sadly there is no update that can fix how dry and absolutely awful this game is.

rdgneoz31977d ago

Was so glad they had a few betas before the game released. Let me know I should spend my money elsewhere. A big open world to explore in customizable cars sounds like fun on paper, but sadly Ubi did not even come close to a quality game.

Bossmon1977d ago

I agree the game is awful... i downloaded the beta for pc, such a let down uninstalled it 15mins later......then downloaded a few months later for x1 thinking the game is 10x better, but the level of disappointment was a huge smack to the face

Sheed1977d ago

That has to be one hell of an update to improve that garbage