Bethesda: 'Over 40,000 lines of dialogue' in Fallout 3

CVG reports:

''Bethesda has claimed that Fallout 3 will have over 40,000 lines of dialogue in the game, dwarfing the amount in the original game by about 20 times.

The amount puts it level pegging with Fable II, which we reported last month contains over 370,000 words of dialogue. If you accept that an average sentence length is ten words, it comes out about the same, which is a bit of a funny coincidence if you ask us.''

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Captain Tuttle3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

If it's just random people talking as you walk by like in Oblivion then big deal. If it's actual dialogue that's directly tied into to player interaction then that's good. I'll be impressed if they top Planescape: Torment's dialogue though.

donator3881d ago

I couldn't stand some of the dialogue in Oblivion. I guess it could be that I wasn't into the story. But they lacked emotion.

MK_Red3881d ago

Dude, are you kidding? Even Fallout devs themselves can never top the Planescape Torment.

Also, quantity is not really important. They may have 100,000 lines of dialogue. The real question is about the quality. Torment had most number of lines and all were top notch. Fallout had less but again, high quality. I hope quality of these lines matches their quanitity to some degree at least.

Captain Tuttle3881d ago

Chris Avellone (New Reno) was the lead designer for Torment...that was his baby.
And I totally agree with you about quality over quantity.

Bolts3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

Oh come'on, most of Fallout's lines were blahing NPCs who say things like "I love Jet!" The real quality dialogues were actually quite rare. Oblivion had a bunch of spoken dialogues but most them were quite boring and devoid of character.

As for Planetscape, forget about it. In this multiplat world you'll never see a game like that anymore. Everything is so dumbed down and this generation of gamers would not tolerate a wall of text with the "passive" gameplay. This type of game is only possible on the PC and as the console fanboys love to chant around here, PC gaming is dead.

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Mr PS33882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Considering the Bots on this site write over 40,000 lines of utter garbage a day !!!

dachiefsman3881d ago

I will be impressed if they have more than 10 voice actors. Oblivion was awesome but most of the NPC looked different but sounded like the same person.

Adamalicious3881d ago

Yeah - i was going to say the same thing. Hopefully they learned their lesson from Oblivion.

Cat3881d ago

no kidding! Seriously, I encountered two women with the same voice and my first thought was actually, "crap, is it the same lady in disguise?!?!" Ha, if only, but I still laugh about it.

Cynical-Gamerzus3881d ago

For us PS3 owners ; be warned once again,this is a Cross platform game.
I know This is there second game on PS3 but im worried.
Who knows how much money these guys have to spend against Fable 2 and the big MS????PS3 Dev cost money!!

I hope they design this as a Cell/RSX Bluray game first ,with intentions of porting to PC and Xbox360 ..
With a new Engine!; cause if they try to pass it off as a Next gen game using that tired old (yet amazing at the time )PC engine they have ,PS3 owners are in for a disappointment..
Why ?cause we are getting used to PS3 graphics and engines that are next GEN!!!(Metal gear 4 ,Heavenly Sword,GT5,Uncharted,Rachet Clank)

I hope that we will get some interesting advantages of BLuray ,and Cell/RSX.From Bethesda!!!
PS3 first!!!!
Then the rest of the crap last!!!!cough 360 PC....
release the game on 5 dvd's etc....

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