Splatoon Translation Updated – Voice Chat Could Still Be Available For Friends

Is Splatoon really not going to have any voice chat, or did the internet just overreact to a bad translation?

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Big_Game_Hunters1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Splatoon looks like it could be a good teamgame... but no voice chat...

w/e i'll just add people who are good until i get a a few good groups for 4man

Nintendo үүнийг бүү шантар

XisThatKid1986d ago

I just may rebuy a Wii U for this game

DiscoKid1986d ago

I can see it being possible between friends and clans. But randoms? Not up Ninty's alley.

PiNkFaIrYbOi1986d ago

Bad translations still happening.

wonderfulmonkeyman1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

If it's between friends, then the whole "no voice chat thing" is only half true, and the incident is therefore not as big a deal as the internet wants it to be.[because any excuse to hate on Nintendo is a good excuse lately, apparently.-_-;;]
Chat with randoms is almost always filled with vitriolic children looking to get a rise out of their opponents anyways, in shooters.
That creates a toxic atmosphere that's only fun for the ones that think they're "winning the argument".

At least with buddies you know it's just goofing off rather than people trying to ruin your day.[unless you've got bad friends...]

randomass1711986d ago

Yeah I know what you and I apologize if I added to that in the previous posts. You have to admit though that having no voice chat in a game about competitive teamwork would be a big mistake though. Really hoping there's friend chat in this game because that would be absolutely perfect for me.

wonderfulmonkeyman1986d ago

Yeah, for a competitive shooter, there should be some form of voice chat.
I won't hold back on criticizing the team behind this game if it's not added in some fashion, because it really is a modern-day standard to have chat, even if it's just before a match.

Fortunately, this is also something that could hopefully be patched in later, if enough demand is put out for it, so if it's not included at all then you can bet I'll be on the front lines pushing for its inclusion in friend matches, at the very least.

Concertoine1985d ago

I wont have a problem if the game actually has a decent way of letting friends play with each other in public matches. Mario Kart 8 didnt, making the lobby chat useless outside of private games.

To this day the only wii u game i've ever used chat on was MH3U, which had such a system. I dont know why but chat just plain doesnt work on SSB4, its incredibly low quality and i dont know why.

Big_Game_Hunters1985d ago

It may be only half true, but it doesn't excuse no voice chat with randoms. Just imagine playing online with no way of telling your teammates who is going to what area to cover more ground. I can already tell too many games are going to end with a loss because everyone wanted to paint the right side of the map.

As for annoying kids online, muting teammates could be as easy as tapping on the gamepad.

Loadedklip1985d ago

On average with Randoms ... people hardly ever use useful call outs or care what u say.

Mostly all you will hear is slurs, racist and homophobic remarks being thrown out. Or just loud music thru the mics.

I would be fine with a friends only in game chat.

wonderfulmonkeyman1985d ago

Like what Kip said; most randoms aren't going to care if you're trying to direct them.
Heck, most of them will entirely ignore you and do their own thing regardless, or yell at you for trying to tell them how to play.

I'm not saying I'd be complaining if they did add chat to public matches so long as there was a mute option, but I still feel that friend chat is, and should always be, the bigger priority.

saviin1985d ago

Can't you see the whole map with teammates and paint coverage on the game pad? If you have a good group voice chat won't be as essential to know where to go.

Big_Game_Hunters1985d ago

@Monkeyman @Kip

As someone who plays many competitive online games i strongly disagree when you claim that randoms aren't willing to work together.

Also i don't see why their needs to be priority between random and teamchat.

wonderfulmonkeyman1985d ago

As someone who plays many competitive games himself, I'm saying that the number who are willing to suddenly follow orders are few and far between.
Not non-existent, but not enough to realistically be counted upon.

As for why there should be a priority, it's because gaming is always more fun with friends, and friends are the ones that the majority will most want to be able to chat mid-match with.

Big_Game_Hunters1985d ago

Its not giving and following orders. its cooperating. @ savin communication is always important to win a team based game.

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ZeekQuattro1986d ago

The lack of voice chat in videogames never bothered me but for games that need a more tactical approach it helps. Its odd they omitted it but I'm still getting the game day one.

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