PlayStation Exclusive JRPG Persona 5: Newspaper Ad Teases Possible Character: The Phantom

Today Japanese newspapers had a definitely interesting ad printed on their pages, showcasing what could be a character of the new Persona.

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PoSTedUP1981d ago

probably his shadow. but would be awesome if he had a split personality as well as his shadow. or had two shadows for some reason... O_O;

Abriael1981d ago

It'd be definitely interesting if the hero can go back and forth between "normal" and shadow, during day and night and we get to play both.

Like, we'd have day and night in the calendar, when it's day you play the normal hero, when it's night you play the Phantom.

Blank1981d ago

Oh man I have been on a media blackout by Atlus lack of info and personal blackout but that part of your comment where you can between normal and shadow made me drool about the possibilites and potential if its true.

PoSTedUP1981d ago

hah yeah that would be cool. only if his shadow doesnt have a guilty conscience and is still "good", and is fighting the shadows on their level, instead of just fighting them in their realm (dark hour). playing as his bad side could be cool, but i personally dont want them to change the formula all too much tbh, im just talking s***. theyre on a hot streak with the last two games, i say keep it more or less the same (even tho our ideas sound awesome!) :).

killacal131981d ago

Split personality sound pretty good.

Canary1980d ago

I thought all shadows had yellow eyes?

And it's pretty obvious that the MC this time around will be a Lupin-type character, with masks taking the place of P4's sunglasses. "The Phantom" is probably his moniker.

Blackleg-sanji1981d ago

I really want to stay up for this event ugh

GamesGamesGames1981d ago

This game is the game I need - ASAP!!

gangsta_red1981d ago

I'm just going to wait until this game is actually out and just be surprised by all that this game is...epic!

rextraordinaire1981d ago


I wonder if we'll have more than one multiple arcana party member this time... But hm, that would be overpowered...

killacal131981d ago

That would be overpowered.

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