DriveClub and compatible Thrustmaster T80 RS racing wheel prices reduced in new deals

DriveClub has been discounted once again by 33 percent to $39.99. The price for the compatible Thrustmaster T80 RS racing wheel was also dropped to $88.67.

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WizzroSupreme1988d ago

Never liked racing wheels myself. Controllers feel a lot more comfortable, even if less realistic.

Bathyj1988d ago

I never used a racing wheel (except for a cheap Madcatz I had to play Wipeout 2097 which was the only way to play it for me) until I got a G25 for GT5.

Now Im seriously disgusted that I have to go back to a controller for Driveclub just because Logitech wont make drivers. There really is no comparison between a controller and a good wheel. I wont say it makes it easier, it just makes it better. Soooo much better.

Varmint1988d ago

Seriously disgusted sounds about right. My G27 doesn't get nearly as much use these days as a result.