10 Most Useless Weapons Ever Found In Any Video Game

Video games have been home to hundreds of weapons, but not every one can be a winner. Which ones are the absolute worst?

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Sheed3401d ago

Slideshow... *sigh*
Here's a slideshow-deslidefier

GokuSolosAll3401d ago

The original Resident Evils had those shitty knives. Their main purpose was saving a bullet or two by finishing a zombie.

WizzroSupreme3401d ago

Some of the most useless weapons in games can be the most hilarious. Like the banana in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Oh, Kojima, you.

s45gr323401d ago

A banana weapon really no way.

Iamnemesis48803401d ago

Ha you forgot the no land beyond and any pulse rifle in destiny

annoyedgamer3401d ago

More top 10 garbage to clog the news feed..


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Vits216d ago

I mostly disagree with Downpour's position. Yeah, the game is not amazing by any stretch of the imagination but is much better than the HD Collection and Homecoming. The main issue is the performance, but that was mitigated by the patches, especially on the PS3. Personally, I put it a little behind Origins and The Room.

Having Restless Dreams as a different entry from Silent Hill 2 is also a choice.

bfrye26216d ago

Normally, we would not consider it a different game (Restless Dreams), but since it had a very different critical reception and had new content, it was allowed. As for Downpour, I would agree, but since that one is subjective, we let him make his case for the placement.

gold_drake216d ago

silent hill 2 is definitely the best one out of those.

for me personally, the whole ritual/cult stuff was always so weird to me in all the other games.

CrimsonWing69215d ago

No disrespect but I put SH2 over 1. 1 is fantastic, but 2 took it all up a level.

bfrye26215d ago

We agree, that is why the writer put it in top place!