PS4 Exclusive The Order 1886: Alternate Reality Enigma Solvers Treated to Super-Cool Real Life Event

For a few days we've talked about The Order: 1886's alternate reality website. Now the campaign seems to have ended, but it went deeper than some may have thought. At the end of the campaign those that cracked all the enigmas and lived in the UK were invited to a location in London to take part in a rather cool real life event.

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DarkOcelet1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

This is actually pretty cool. It was a great way to market the game rather than just putting a real live action trailer or a cool CGI action trailer to hype it up to the skies, they are hyping it up with mysteries and puzzles in a creative ways. More devs should do that.

Aloy-Boyfriend1978d ago

Yeah I knew the 5hr article was all BS. It was even taken down.

Journalists these days...
Go back to your cave, trolls :)

Mechanism1978d ago

XBone trolls will still hold on to it though - the fickle minded.

srd44841978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

The guy himself said he didn't get the first trophy immediately. Assuming it wouldn't take over an hr to get the first trophy, we can say it's about 6 hrs +/-. Not good.

Here's his trophy page with times listed to go by:

Just look at his times for Feb 3rd. It's not a long duration.

Edit: No we don't know the exact length yet. Just raises some flags seeing how close in time he was able to achieve each trophy from 1st to last. But how many hours you think it took to get the 1st one?

DarkOcelet1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

I got all The Evil Within achievements in three days btw. Finishing it five times with one a speed run and another on Akumu or extreme hard mode. I am not a badass, it was just a lengthy game that i loved so much that i stayed all night playing it. We don't know how much truly is the length of the game nor do we know how much replay value it has.

It was a single player game only and over all those open world games last years with over 30 or 40 hours, i choose that as my GOTY. The length of a game doesn't matter as long as i feel that i truly enjoyed it.

Hell Resident Evil trilogy were short games the second time around and were like 2 or 3 hours with no speedrunning after you know everything. And i would choose those games over the &%itty open world repetitive games we have today anytime.

DigitalRaptor1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Sad part is, certain people have read that, and still believe it's 5 hours.

We've had multiple source confirmations that it's in the vicinity of 10-12 hours for the average player, who's not steaming through on easy mode.

You're going to see the usual suspect trolls using that outdated information when the reviews are published, just so they can rub salt in the wound of any bad review, and try and downplay all the good ones. You can really tell the game is only a few days away from launch from this. Expect a couple more negative articles before then.

I say now, if you care about the story in this game STAY OFF N4G, YouTube, DualShockers comments sections and other communities where low lifes will try and spoil the game's plot. I'm going on a blackout from here for the next few days, if I can resist. NeoGaf is okay, they seem to be a community that keeps spoilers in line.