Battlefield Hardline Beta Analysis: PS4 vs Xbox One vs PC [60fps]

Bill Smith: "Our analysis of the beta version of Battlefield Hardline reveals that it's not pushing hard enough on consoles."

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d_g1987d ago

the texture looks ugly on console

i have to get pc

(BTW I am Xbox fan)

masterfox1987d ago

is not my problem that your a problem is that you appreciate the xbone and hate the PS4 version that it always run on 60 fps(yes i'm talking about the right side) ;)

d_g1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

this PHOTO from PS4 version

and this is video

i hate all console version not just Xbone

it’s not my problem you can't handle the truth

Army_of_Darkness1987d ago

I'm sure the "final product" will look much better than this Beta on consoles.

(Btw I'm a mango & coconut bubble tea fan;-) )

seanpitt231987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Like a ps2 game glad it's a beta

Bdub20001986d ago

Now I'm an X1 owner..... But isn't it a fair assumption at this point that the PS4 will continue to be the slightly better looking game? At this point it should only be newsworthy if the X1 comes out ahead graphically. That's not to say there isn't value in letting the gamers know FPS, resolution, etc...

underwaves751986d ago

"always runs at 60 fps huh? You should not be a gamer...... or at least get educated before making yourself look silly.

mattdillahunty1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

been playing the PC version on max settings at 100+fps on a 144Hz G-Sync monitor. game looks and runs great.

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EvilWay1987d ago

I think it's sad that you have to announce that you are Xbox fan

jjonez181987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

State your allegiance or risk death by disagrees!

(BTW I'm a Dreamcast fan)

Stiffler1987d ago

I agree it's nonsense that people are resorting to naming what type of fan they are...

(Ouya master race)


Spenok1987d ago

Crazy people think naming their console of choice makes their opinion that much more meaningful.

(Btw I'm a Jaguar fan)


Guwapo771986d ago

TurboGraphix 16 with CD fan!

Thuglife - cue the music

mabreu1986d ago

It's really funny that some people are a "fan" of a piece of plastic.

BTW I'm a Sega Genesis with CD and 32X fan


MysticStrummer1986d ago

I was a 360 fan, but it was too hot inside so I quit.

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UKmilitia1987d ago

looks pretty good to say it would only cost the person £299 to play it.
oh and i think ps4 looks way better due ot res increase and not as much pop in.

(im a nintendo fan)

x_RadicalAura_x1987d ago

Your raccoon *** looks ugly.

brich2331987d ago

its just a beta, it will look better in the final release, just like in BF3 and BF4.

Alsybub1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

I think we should be able to assume that. The BF3 and BF4 betas, on console, had really low res textures when compared to the final product.

SolidStoner1987d ago

@ d_g

lmao.. that was like joke of the day... :D

1) the texture looks ugly on console

I was like yeah, seriously? I just played it on PS4 and it looked fantastic! :)

2) I was like ok it gets even worse now, but why not its your opinion and you could easily play it on PC with all those crazy PC bugs and cheaters... but why not.. free world!

3) I was like... ahhhh I got it now.. its ok, you simply are lost in the chaos of gaming..

on serious note this new Battlefield have its pros and cons.... at first it was fun, but after a while when I was used to it.. I want my real Battlefield back... WW2 or Vietnam please or at least that modern auto lock sh*t. :)

TheXgamerLive1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

A bit more partical effect at times on Xbox One but to be honest their all the same and nothing special.
Both consoles seem to skip a beat here and there.
6 patches later after release and it'll run pretty good lol.

Gamer19821986d ago

This is a stupid video anyway as it claims 1080p yet puts both systems side by side thus massively diminishing quality.. Plus since its multiplayer only we will see differnt stuff going on. Oh and BF is well known for toning down textures on multiplayer to keep things fluid on consoles. Thats how they keep massive maps. COD go the other way and keep tiny maps and higher textures.. I still prefer better, bigger maps with vehicles and exploding scenery..

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Randostar1987d ago

You can really notice the Xbox is running at a lower RES. With most games its not this visually apparent.

memots1987d ago

it is apparent a lot. Most people choose to ignore it. On a 60inch Tv you can easily see it.

LifeInNZ1987d ago

1080p on a 60" TV is no prize picnic either, especially when coupled with sub standard AA. Lets face it, neither the X1 or the PS4 is going to cut it as display panels get bigger and bigger.

gamer91986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Looks really nice on my 46 inch TV on Xbox One. Really excited for this game =)

frankdrebin721986d ago

Christ, how many pepple own a 60" tv??
I would bet 42" to 46" tv is probably the norm yet on here, every man and his dog has a 60" tv, then again those seem peeps have high end PCs to play the games their console dosent get at better res etc.
Blah de blah de blah blah

underwaves751986d ago

well it's a good thing most people can't afford such an arrogantly sized TV, lol, nor have a realistic amount of room to put it in. Like a Gym. I had a 50 and i'm down sizing in a big way, It's such overkill. A 42 MAX this time around.

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duplissi1987d ago

It's a BETA... Not just that, a online multiplayer beta... you guys realize this is about stress testing the servers and not the how the game runs on a given system, right?

I guess I'll state it again. It is a Beta, it is asinine to judge a game based on a prerelease, unfinished version.

In any case, I wont be picking up this Battlefield. I'm a little burnt out from BF right now.

u got owned1987d ago

well this is a graphics analysis article, so why is it wrong to analyze or judge the graphics, that's the purpose of the article don't you think.

duplissi1986d ago

Simple, the game is likely not using final assets... So any graphical comparison done now is pointless

A multiplayer beta is almost always about stressing the servers and not client side performance or graphics, in fact companies have given months old builds to beta testers in scenarios just like this.

This may be representative of the final game and it may not be, we won't know until it is released.

Spenok1987d ago

Burnt out? I've been over a year since 4 launched, giving this game by a different developer plenty of time to come up with some new stuff. The new modes, weapons, and levels are actually quite fun if you ask me. No, the beta doesn't do this game justice in the graphics departmentm but yes! It is just a beta, and just like the 2 games before this one, it will most certainly look better at launch.

If you haven't played this beta yet, I suggest it. It's definitely worth trying. It's got the good old modes, with some new ones sprinkled on top to add just enough new to keep the fun there. I like where Viceral has taken the game, and look forward to see what they add with DLC.

LoveSpuds1987d ago

I like the beta a lot but I am not liking the setting this time around, the whole "cops and robbers" thing is doing nothing for me.

This is the first BF where I am not all that excited and I am considering sticking with BF4 which I love to bits.

ShellB1987d ago

I played the beta on pc and I found it enjoyable. I mean if you didn't buy bf4 then you would probably enjoy it when its on sale for like $40 or $30. I will have to pass on it because bf4 left a bad impression on me.

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