Project CARS Exclusive Playstation 4 Gameplay Videos

VVV: "A couple of years ago, 1080p 60fps was considered to be the expected De facto frame rate for the then ’next generation’ of consoles, but it was apparent from the get go that these new systems were not quite as powerful as many of us had hoped. Games companies were unable to achieve the desired performance, giving all manner technical excuses as to why 30fps was better for us. But in reality it’s simply a balance of visual performance, and you can do so much more in terms of effects when frame rate is limited. So, how has Project CARS progressed? Here’s part 2"

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snookiegamer1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Project CARS will hopefully fill the void until Gran Turismo 7/Forza 6 arrives!

I love both Forza 5, Forza Horizon 2 on my X1. DriveClub awesome as it is, is a thrilling PS4 arcade/sim-lite racer I'll be getting this for my PS4 (assuming I get along with the handling), and realistic racing is (so far) lacking on the platform ;)

Maddens Raiders1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

@snookie -- "Project CARS will hopefully fill the void until Gran Turismo 7/Forza 6 arrives!"

Yeah that's what I'm thinking as well. This really does look cracking and it will be interesting to see how it will match up against a GT7. I'm a fan of GT and GT Academy, but this looks like a serious, serious rival to the old sim and could give it a good run for my time!

We will have to wait see how say, a GT differentiates itself maybe in terms of superior physics, lighting, car feedback, who knows? - but one thing is for sure: This is the greatest time on earth to be a console racer!!!

But my gosh I'm looking at the second video there at the Glen.... Wow, this looks great!!!

Maddens Raiders1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

One minor thing I noticed after watching all of the videos further is that it looks like the track livery or sponsor ship signage is

a.) repeated exhaustively
b.) very limited or
c.) in some cases maybe fake

..and is this method transferred to the car liveries as well in whole or part, because I'm not seeing the true to life "racing sponsors" liveries on the cars? Example: Instead of Michelin it will say Masculin..

Maybe it's due to SMS not having the largess as PD or T10 so they don't have the full boat of sponsors ready to pay into their game yet? It is certainly not a deal breaker for me certainly, but does take away a little bit from the "suspension of disbelief" and immersion into simulation. I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this or am I just overreacting?

1974d ago
Shuckylad1974d ago

I wish the ps4 had steering wheel support for my old ps3 logitech dfgt wheel plus others.
So I'm gonna have to buy this on pc as it should hopefully be compatible. It is frustrating when you can't use expensive last gen accessories on newer hardware. Shame as I love beating my friends times whom play on ps4/xb1.

kstap331974d ago

I'll stick to arcade racers until I can afford a new compatible racing wheel. I hate playing racing Sims the controller.

OUROSMAG1974d ago

Love seeing the M1 all over this game.

weirdo1974d ago

can't wait to play this

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