Are High Definition Remasters Worthwhile?

Most video game developers are very risk-averse in the current economical climate. Studio closures and unsuccessful games have led many publishers and developers to fear trying something new, when they have the option to instead fall back onto an established series or brand. There are very few triple-A releases that are entirely new, original intellectual properties, but there is also a huge number of remastered classic games on the market. Why take a gamble on a game that may never catch on and which will no doubt be difficult to promote, when you can simply re-release an already popular game – with a few added bells and whistles.

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ape0071987d ago

if they don't hurt future games development and can increase profits then no of course

plus GTA V PS4 and TLOU:R are legendary

EvilWay1987d ago

So only the PS4 version of GTA V is legendary?......

kayoss1986d ago

Only if they are done right and if it's necessary to do it. For example, I don't really think the Last of Us needed a remaster. The game looks phenomenal on the PS3. However, Final Fantasy X/X2 is an example of a game that deserved a remaster and was done right.

SpiralTear1987d ago

They need more than just better visuals to be worthwhile. That's why I like HD re-masters like Wind Waker HD, Last of Us Remastered, or ICO Collection. Wind Waker HD has a ton of new modes and content, Last of Us Remastered has a very noticeable visual upgrade, and ICO Collection fixes the frame rate issues (offering a much better gameplay).

However, there are abuses of this idea, where barely anything is new aside from slightly better graphics. The Splinter Cell Collection and the Devil May Cry HD Collection are probably some of the worst ones, I'd say. Poor performance.

UKmilitia1986d ago

not forgeting the expansion for left behind.

B1uBurneR1987d ago

last gen remakes are not worth it. But if it's a remake of the previous gen (6th) That adds more value to the purchase. Example Resident Evil 1 or 2.. code Veronica.

Roccetarius1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

They're worthwhile to the companies making it, because it's an easy way to make a quick buck.

No, like B1uBurneR said, we need to go back further in time, then remaster / remake games properly. Capcom seems to like remastering games currently, so why not do a proper remaster of DMC 1,2 and 3? Maybe even a Dragon's Dogma port?

Fro_xoxo1987d ago

Yes they are, for much older games. Not within a year's release.

for games that could actually benefit from a do over, run better and look better.

for age old 'classics'.

Halo 1 for example, over a decade old.

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