COD: AW Havoc DLC Coming To PS4/3 & PC On 26 February

The COD: AW Havoc DLC will release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC on 26 February.

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ccgr1986d ago

Good for pass owners

Alexious1986d ago

I'm not a pass owner but it's good for me too ;)

kaiserfranz1986d ago

I really hate DLC exclusives

Mostafeto1986d ago

The good old days of gaming died when starting from when you have to pay again and again to get a decent full game to play

Festano1986d ago

Zombie Coop sounds really fun!

Mostafeto1986d ago

That is the single most exciting thing in this DLC and I want to try it SO BAD

ThatIrishGamer1986d ago

The problem with shafting the people who've bought your game via these timed DLC packs is that by the time they release on the other platforms. . . .you've realised that the latest CoD is crap and traded it in.

tlougotg1986d ago

Dnt buy any COD dlc, do not think its worth it these greedy mother%$#%$ oer charge for this bs.

Ricegum1986d ago

I'll buy yours then. I can't wait for this DLC. I'll be getting 4 new maps, 2 new guns and a Zombies game mode. They've released the game, now they try to make a bit of money off some decent extra content you don't actually have to buy and you call them greedy? You do realise they are a business right?

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