Why Platinum Games Recruiting is Great News for the Industry

This is refreshing in today’s market where we’re flooded with bloated games AAA games that try more and more to be movies and sport shallow, repetitive gameplay. It’s nice to see a company like Platinum Games that simply makes awesome games for fans that share a similar taste for the “Rule of Cool.” How do they do it though?

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gangsta_red2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Always good to see hiring news. It seems we always get lay-offs or closing doors articles around here.

And Platinum which is quickly becoming a premier Japanese developer I feel has a good shot at being up there with the big boys like Capcom, Square, Konami and others.

2 disagrees eh? Would love to know why...

Nevers0ft2445d ago

It's likely because you're comparing a developer to publishers (not that I care but maybe others do). Other than that, you're right :)

gangsta_red2445d ago

Capcom, Konami and Square don't develop their own games either?

I think Platinum can be a dev that gets just as big and will start publishing their own titles soon.

PlebeGamer2445d ago

As much as I'd love for Platinum to get big enough to publish their own games, I don't think they're anywhere close enough to that position. Their games are amazing but the sales are lacking to the point where they have to have publishers fund their endeavors or they may go under.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2445d ago


They won't. PG just want to make games. They are like mercenaries.

Xavior_Reigns2445d ago

Excellent, they're a talented developer that deserves to grow.

MSBAUSTX2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

This is great news. These fellas make fantastic quality games. I only fear they start trying to pump games out a little too fast. This is the way Ubisoft started. Amazing quality games every two years to three years for a sequal and then they started getting watered down annually releasing another sequal. So Far Platinum seems to have a fantastic formula and They deserve to be popular and rich, as long as the quality stays up there.

Bayonetta 2 is a freaking work of art at its highest. I am sure they will put the extra help to good use. If they are hiring more people because it takes them so long to make each quality title then I am perfectly ok with that.

Edit: I am extremely looking forward to Scalebound. That game has some serious potential. Here is to hoping we get gameplay at E3 instead of the CGI teaser we have been seeing.

trywizardo2445d ago

just please release a gameplay for scaleboud , i need to know if its bad (buy PS4) or good (buy X1) -_-

PlebeGamer2445d ago

Buy PS4, XB1 will likely implement cross platform support and MS will probably have have a PC release of it for Windows 10.

Or buy it on XB1 and make friends with someone with an XB1, then rob him.

2445d ago
PlebeGamer2445d ago

Lets be honest here though, Platinum games have a very small audience compared to shooters, so I wouldn't be surprised if they did put it on PC too. Especially because it seems like Platinum was asked to do Scalebound to appeal to the Japanese audience, and we now know the XB1 is completely dead in Japan.

If it's a matter of which titles benefit the most, in relative terms, from XB1/PC I'd say Scalebound is one of them. This isn't on the scale of say releasing Halo 5 on PC too from day one.